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  1. hi, we have applied for cr1 visa and now waiting DQ in NVC, my concerns during this backlog that my spouse interview late to be next year, if that happened, would we need to show next year tax's papers in the interview or our I-864 would be expired and need new one for the consular? there will be any issues of this kind? thank you for help 🙏
  2. i'm an overthinker person, sorry for asking a such questions. but really needed. i can't let it go, so please help i just need to verify to relieve the stress. thanks for understanding. 1-which copy of W-2 form i need to send ? should i send them all ? or crop one copy ?. mine is 4 copies. also what about the back of paper? 2- after finish filling i-864 by typing on computer, the right way is to print the whole form then write the date and signature by hand then scan it again in one pdf file ?
  3. hello, my husband uploaded his non-criminal certificate before 9 months to NVC, but we couldn't submit all documents because we didn't finish the affidavit of support part at that time. in the NVC website, i see the upload date for each document, i'm not sure if we will be fine now with the current non-criminal certificate. are we need a new one? or we can submit documents and he will bring new one at interview? thank you
  4. thanks again, one last thing please so when I calculate my current annual income from my pay stubs, I have to use the adjusted gross pay not gross pay; i mean the gross pay minus withholding taxes (money that taken to home)?. thanks.
  5. thank you very much for reply and help, I wanted to use same number in my most recent w2 since no changes will be in my job, work's hours and wage. one more thing I'm confuse about, when I want to calculate my current annual income from my pay stubs should I use the gross income or net income ?
  6. Since The most recent tax year still 2019....until April 15th, 2021. should I wait until that before sign and send i-864 to rely on 2020 tax documents? note: my 2019 tax documents income not enough.
  7. no I'm not self employed, I meant my current annual income will not change and it will be the same amount of total income in my W2 for 2020. but what happen if i singed and sent i-864 with 2020 tax document before 15 April. it will refused ?
  8. so i fill my i-864 and consider 2019 as the most recent tax year and w2 2020 total income as my annual income ? i mean i don't need to calculate it in this case if 2019 tax documents will sent as most recent tax year. I'm confused 😔
  9. so i have to wait until 15 April before i sign form i-864? because my 2019 income not enough. or can I sign and send it normally before 15 April. thanks for help.
  10. I'm confused since we are in the beginning of this year is 2020 tax year is the most recent tax year or it still 2019 until 15 April 2021 ? 2nd question since I'm not going to send tax transcripts for my 2nd and 3rd most recent tax years, I still have to fill part 6 line 24.b,c ? I found this in the Instructions but still confused. if I fill 24.b,c is that mean according to the Instructions below that I choose to rely on income from the three most recent tax years? so later they will ask me to provide them with tax transcripts for 2nd and 3rd years ? it looks like the line 24.b,c boxes are optional, what do you think? thanks.
  11. so after all it will not affect my ability to sponsor my spouse at all, correct me if am wrong, thanks.
  12. Having a loan before filing I-864 will affect my ability to meet the minimum requirements to sponsor my spouse ? or it will anyway affect my petition ?
  13. I will fill Form I-864 at end of January 2021 to sponsor my spouse. and the new I-864P (HHS Poverty Guidelines) for the new year (2021) will come out in march, that's mean two months after my I-864. I need an accurate answer please for which I-864P (HHS Poverty Guidelines) my I-864 will compered to ? the one was before fill it or the one will released for the same year of filling the I-864? i'm confused. link to the current I-864P 2020 https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p
  14. i'm confused. since my daughter 18, if i consider not claiming her as a dependent on my 2020 tax return, this will make my household size 2 (me and my spouse) so i have to fill married separately or jointly. i mean i can't fill as a head of household for 2020 tax return in this case?
  15. hey all, i'm a citizen mother of a 19 years old son and 18 years old daughter both living with me. last year my federal income was 27,500. which is not enough to sponsor my spouse, now at nvc waiting, failed to find a join sponsor. i need to know what of these choices are legal and will work of the following: - my son now working (he won't fill i-864a) and he planning to fill his tax alone for the next year but he will stay with me. is that make change in my household size next tax year? - i have no assets but some saved money in home enough to cover three times the difference, can i put them in my bank account and fill i-864 ? if not how much time need before fill?
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