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  1. Got our NOA2 approval yesterday, July 14. So it took 264 days from NOA1 to NOA2. Good luck to the rest of you and my sympathies to those who have been waiting even longer than us.
  2. That's rough, and ridiculous. There needs to be more individual responsibility in these agencies. The individual agent responsible for your file should have to write you a letter explaining why they are not making a decision. No hiding behind the faceless agency or "team." All of the avenues for escalating are fake - congressman, ombudsman, uscis case inquiry - they all give the same canned response and produce no actual results.
  3. I did: - submit case inquiry with uscis - had a senator check on the case status - called uscis and spoke with a person - filed a request for assistance with the uscis ombudsman None of that ####### does anything. Every avenue produces the same response and I doubt there is even any link between the inquiry and your case. They just give a canned response. We should get compensation for their complete failure to do their job.
  4. Still waiting on noa2, receipt date oct 23. 39% of oct23 still unprocessed. This is so unacceptable, how are they processing december when they haven't even looked at oct cases.
  5. I'm confused because other posts I've read about this say it's really risky to do something like this because uscis will consider you as having lied to get into the country on a temp visa, and so they may never give green card or residency in US. But everyone in this thread is saying it's a good idea?
  6. I'm in the still-unprocessed 39% of Oct 23 receipts. I should have waited a week and sent it, and I would have gotten a response sooner 🖕
  7. lol someone who submitted 5 days after oct 23 already got an rfe, got the rfe letter, returned the rfe docs and the service center received the docs. Meanwhile in the November thread people with dates into the middle of November are currently getting approvals. October 20, 23 and 29 all still sit ABOVE 70% UNPROCESSED. The fact so many are unprocessed proves they are not just waiting on our background checks, but instead the person or team responsible for those dates is incapable of doing their job. Why is processing continuing into November in this situation? It is ridiculous
  8. Yeah there should be some type of accountability here. Why TF should they be processing applications received after oct 23, when there is a huge stack of WACs from oct 23 that have not been touched. Yet, one or two numbers from oct 23 were approved weeks ago. This is not a situation of waiting for background checks. It's a situation of a few cases being cherrypicked while the rest lie untouched. They are not dealing with paper files. They should just take cases from a date-sorted queue.
  9. Agreed, this is utter bs. My date is oct 23 and take a look at the data. Every day in oct is almost fully processed except oct 23 and two other days. Even most of the days AFTER oct 23 are fully processed. I have had my senator contact uscis and I have logged an inquiry for our case being "outside normal processing time" (which they often change and now is 8 MONTHS).
  10. Don't know how oct 30s are getting approved when they're are many earlier cases that are not being looked at. This is bs they apparently just skipped oct 23
  11. Received the letter NOA1 today! For reference, I sent the packet on Oct 22, they received it on Oct 23. The Notice date on my letter NOA1 is Nov 14. I received the NOA1 text from USCIS on Nov 16.
  12. My packet was delivered Oct 24. Looking at PostalDuchess' timeline I shouldn't expect the NOA1 until mid November. We're planning our second meeting for late November. Going to Serbia this time
  13. Sent the package off yesterday October 22 with overnight shipping
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