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  1. Hi, Ddo I need to apply for a SSN once I arrive in the USA? I got here a few days ago but am unsure if it is triggered at the same time as my green card and will arrive in the post or if I have to make an appointment to get it? thanks
  2. Hi, There is a Facebook group where pet owners charter a plane and split the costs. US/UK pet Repatriation group. Having contacted the CBP I can't go through a private airport as a first port of entry so I'm going over a week prior to "activate" my visa at JFK then coming back for my dog... i hope he appreciates this!
  3. I'll find out when I get my passport back on Monday!
  4. Hi, We have managed to get a spot on a private flight to Teterboro Airport flying from London (to get our pet dog on with us). It looks like it's not an official port of entry and I was wondering if I can still activate my greencard on entry there or if I could just travel on my B1/B2 visa and then go somewhere to sort out my Greencard at a later date? Cheers
  5. Hi, what is the number for the embassy that you call when in this position? Cheers
  6. I have had a bit of a delay due to waiting on my sputum test results. The London Medical centre informed me they had sent my results to the embassy on the 14th Sept. My case had been viewed on the 15th Sept and remained refused and was also viewed again today the 20th and the status remained as refused. I have read elsewhere that the status remains as so until they have everything they need however most said that the status changed after the embassy received the medical packet leaving me a bit concerned. Has anyone else been in this situation? Cheers
  7. I was on a visitor visa on all visits to the USA and have never filed for taxes either alone or via my wife. I have never been a resident.
  8. Hi, I travelled down from Edinburgh the night before and stayed in the Z-Hotel. I got the first appointment of the day. I ended up having to do a sputum test which they said I'd have to come back for but I haggled and managed to do the first of 3 early morning sputum tests that day. Cancelled my return ticket and booked 2 more nights at the hotel. Bit of a pain that there is only 1 medical centre in the whole of the UK but none of this process is easy haha! Good luck
  9. So they issued your visa 8 weeks after your sputum tests? There wasn't a delay between embassy receiving the medical packet and you getting your visa? My sputum test results will be ready on the 22nd of Sept do you think ill have my visa in hand by early Oct all being well?
  10. Let me know how long it takes from them receiving your medical to the passport being returned please! My medical will be sent on the 22nd Sept so interested to see the rough turnaround time
  11. I have a lung condition which shows as shadows in my lungs on an xray. Even with a letter from my respiratory specialist they had to conduct a sputum test.
  12. I was approved pending sputum results. Over the moon! They should be ready 22nd September ! Good luck to all
  13. That's good to know. So aslong as it's sold before I enter the USA and get my greencard I'm not liable for any capital gains in the US.
  14. I hope I've put this in the right place. My flat is on the market and my interview is coming up next week at the London Embassy. I was wondering if any of you have taken the proceeds of your property sale to the USA and whether there are any taxes on it when you settled there? It will be used to buy a property within 12months. Cheers
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