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  1. I have them my case twice in less than a week and my PD is 9/8/2020
  2. I have the same situation. I paper filed and received IOE. My PD is 9/8/2020 and they attach only a file with part 2. It only has my wedding pics with other pictures, wedding invitation card. My case was touch again on October 2nd. Looks like we all are on same page with same time when we filed the case. Let's stay connected. Good luck everyone
  3. I filed paper but when uscis received my application they converted into online. And sent me instructions to setup the uscis account with a code.
  4. When you log in to uscis account, there should be a date on top of where it said upload documents
  5. Hello. My PD is 9/8/2020 and I see my case is touched twice. What about you?
  6. Also, my service center on letter says California but when I check on the receipt online, it says nebraska. What service center you had? And did you file yourself or lawyer?
  7. But my PD is September 8,2020. Why would I have date change so fast? did it happen to you?
  8. Same to you. We all need positivity going through this and as everything, we will win
  9. Hello. I have the same situation like you. F2A and wife in India. I just recently had date change on October 2nd. What's your update.?
  10. Did you have IOE receipt number ? Also, did you file yourself or a lawyer did it for you? Did you have IOE receipt number ? Also, did you file yourself or a lawyer did for you?
  11. I just had a chat online with uscis and the representative said it's in california even though receipt notice online says nebraska.
  12. My letter in mail says california service center. However When I check my receipt online, it says Nebraska. What about you?
  13. I filed I-130 for my wife who is overseas and my PD is September 8,2020. I filed paper application but received IOR receipt numberI received NOA1 on September 15. Also received a letter to setup USCIS Account. My case has touch twice when I checked. First time on September 30 and then again on October 2nd. But when I check the documents uploaded on my account, I only see pictures, I-130A form, marriage invitation. I don't see all the other documents uploaded. Hoping we all go through this fast. Let's keep each other updated. Good luck everyone.
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