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  1. At the moment, her first choice is a non-immigrant status. She wants to marry me, but not yet.
  2. She said that if she left (e.g. family emergency or any reason) she would not be able to come back to the United States without re-applying for a Visa to re-enter the U.S. Again, I didn't explain it very well in my last question hence the confusion. The point is, leaving the U.S. in her current situation would mean not being able to come back in without re-applying for entry.
  3. The problem with the last question I asked, was that it produced a lot of confusion surrounding her current status and thoughts that I was being scammed. I myself had a misunderstanding of the situation, but I have since found out more information. She says she is here legally. Just as I mentioned in this thread, she applied for both visas BEFORE her J1 expired. Knowing she is here legally and waiting for an answer, all I want to know is the likelihood of a denial or approval.
  4. Lucky Cat: That didn't quite answer my question on this thread. My question is, what are the chances of a denial concerning her visa applications?
  5. My girlfriend came into the United States as an Au-pair under the J1 work visa. She said that she applied for the student and tourist visa about three months before her J1 visa was set to expire. It has been just about a year since she applied, and she has not heard anything regarding whether or not she will receive the student and tourist visa. Apparently, she wanted to changed her status by applying before the J1 visa expired. She was also recently finger-printed in the process, but has not heard a definitive answer yet. If the visa is denied she will have to return home unless we get married. I am not sure that we will get married in the U.S., but what are the chances of receiving a denial on either of those visas? What would cause an application to be denied?
  6. We met in June of last year. To all of the comments suggesting she is lying or using me to get a green card: She didn't come to the United States with intent to marry. Also, she isn't pressuring me to marry her. I recognize that there are many scams and bad intentions with marrying a foreigner, but in my case, I think this has do her perhaps not knowing all of the details.
  7. So, I just talked to her briefly. She came under the J-1 visa which was a work visa. She said it came with an "extension" but she said she is also applying for the tourist visa to cover the gap that she is waiting for the answer on getting her F-1 visa. But she said if she leaves now, she may or may not be able to come back into the U.S. I misunderstood the part about going to Brazil. She can go to Brazil, but may not be able to get back to the U.S. and has to reapply to get a visa.
  8. This makes more sense to me now. So, then why would she have trouble reentering the U.S. if she is converting from J-1 to F-1? Just asking for clarification, because I am not sure exactly of what is happening here, other than what she is telling me.
  9. So, she never started studying, but came over on the F-1. She came through the Au-Pair program as I mentioned but didn't go to school. She says it isn't expired, but that she ended up having to file paper work again, leaving her answer in limbo. So, once she gets an answer back, she will be under the F-1 visa as she was when she first came here.
  10. Thanks. So, then she can move freely between the United States and Brazil without a risk of being told she can't come back to the U.S. Just as long as she has legal documents to enter the U.S. I wasn't sure if this was the case, but it is what she told me that she has to apply for a visa to get into Brazil.
  11. She is here legally in terms of being on the student visa. However, she is waiting for an answer on the visa, because she had to reapply for it, which means she is in limbo. I am going off of what she told me. But as I said in another post, I don't know that it makes sense to apply for a visa to enter your own country if you are already a citizen.
  12. Thank you for your reply. So, it sounds like this is doable then, should we have to go this route.
  13. I could be wrong about this, but I am thinking it is because she had to change status in order to be in the United States under the student visa. Otherwise, if she is a Brazilian citizen she wouldn't need to apply for a visa. I am just wondering if she has to apply because of a change of status when she came to the United States.
  14. My girlfriend is from Brazil, and she came to the United States through the Au-Pair program. She is still here legally, but she of course has family back in Brazil. She has been in the United States for about 3 years now, and is waiting for an answer on her current student visa. She said that if she had to go back to Brazil in the event of a family emergency, she might not be able to come back to the United States right away. My girlfriend has to file for a Brazilian visa which may or may not be denied. If it is denied, then she won't be able to come back to the United States. If that happens, is it possible for me to go to Brazil and marry her there, then bring us back to the United States to live? Also, does she even need to file for a Brazilian visa? My thought is that she may not need to, because of her citizenship as a Brazilian.
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