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  1. Hi there Im looking to move back to my home country of Canada (Currently im in the USA for 8 months now under a IR1 visa, wanting to divorce my husband and give up my visa here and just move back home to Canada) As a Canadian citizen, do I need the vaccine to go back to Canada? I dont have the vaccine, I dont plan to get it at the moment (please I dont want to get into a debate, im not anti vax, I have some things going on doctors are having a hard time diagnosing with me which makes me terrified to get the shot). I thought it was just foreigners that needed to be fully vaxxed to get into Canada? (Im planning to fly back to Canada) If I need to go get a test done to make sure im not positive for covid, where do you get that done? and I read that it needs to be negative 72 hours before your flight, how do you make sure you get the papers saying your results? do they mail it to you or something? Info is changing all the time, and if I just get direct answers from others on here ill feel more confident then reading it online myself and probably confusing myself. Thank you
  2. I actually ended up getting a 'Permanent Resident card" with it saying IR1 in the category section on it that expires 11/22/30 if that matters. I forgot about that.
  3. Oh yes my mistake on the last thing you answered, I actually got a "Permanent Resident IR1 card" that expires 11/22/30 Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it
  4. Hi everyone Apologies in advance im not sure if this is the correct forum or if the "Moving to the US and Your New Life In America" is the correct forum I should be posting this in. Im a Canadian citizen from Canada, I moved to the USA from my home of Canada (B.C, Vancouver) on a CR-1 visa November 2020. So im coming up on almost a year of living here in the USA with my husband. I know I havent been in the USA long but I would like to divorce my husband and move back to Canada. I know members on here are going to ask me if this is what I really want and offer support (which I apreciate lots), however this is a situation that I need to leave for my mental health and im not comfortable around my husband and ill leave it at that. We have been together for 6 years and since moving here he's an entirely different person for the worse, my mental health is extremely has never been so bad because of him and I would like to divorce him and go back to Canada. 1.) Am I allowed to go back to Canada? How does this process work? 2.) If I am allowed to go back to Canada, how long do I have to go? I would like to save up as much money as I can before moving back. Can I leave 6 months-1 year from now? Anything I need to know about going back home if I can? Thank you for your time
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