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  1. How long does it take for them to send the physical EAD?
  2. Hello. Today we received the receipts for my I765 and I485. Can I use these to work legally in the USA? What am I supposed to do with my I765 now? Thanks
  3. Hello all, my wife arrived to the USA in Jan as my fiancee and we got married in 2 weeks after that. On April 6th we sent all the docs to USCIS and on the 8th I saw that FedEx has delivered it to the Chicago office. I was wondering how long it takes them to send you a notification letter? Thanks
  4. Hi. My fiancée arrived recently and we are planing to get married and have the adjustment of status. While we are waiting for the whole process to be done, she can stay here with me, correct?
  5. Hello all. my fiancee is supposed to arrive to LAX pretty soon and we wanted to double check if we have all the necessary docs. we have the: passport with visa the yellow package the CD of her chest x ray That’s it right? No more fees or docs correct?
  6. Today my fiancee received her visa from the embassy, but in the passport, in the section of given name, they wrote her first name, but added her father's name to her first name. So it is written, Doe Joe, Smith's son. The first and last name are correct, but her father's name is written too. Is this is a problem? Will she be denied entry to the USA? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone. My fiancee passed the interview on the 23rd of Dec and was told that she has passed the interview. She has not received the passport with visa back yet. Today when I checked the status of our case, it said administrative processing. What does it mean? Does it mean the embassy needs more docs?
  8. Thanks for looking for the info! I did how you told me so and the information should be visible now. One last question, none of us has any diseases, any criminal records, any debts or any problem with the governments. What are the chances that she might be denied entry into the USA? We are so close to each other that we are anxious to make a mistake now.
  9. I did double check both the P3 letter and the doc she received at the end of the interview, but there is NO word about the package that she is supposed to bring to the USA. Can it be that now the US embassy is sending everything over the internet?
  10. Thanks. I got some friends that came to the USA with a CR1 this year and they never received that package. The embassy told them that everything is online, have you heard anything about it? who is supposed to give her the package? The embassy or where we are picking up the passport?
  11. Hi all, My fiance passed her interview ! I am so happy! Got a question tho, on the paper that they gave her, it says that we need to register into one of their websites to see the status of the application, and it is the same one that I used to make the payment, do I need to register again? Do I need to make another payment just to get her passport with visa?
  12. We applied December of 2019. The paperwork has been sitting in the embassy since Sept 2020 We applied December of 2019. The paperwork has been sitting in the embassy since Sept 2020
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