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  1. The response I receive always says they are waiting for the Department's decision, I often ask if there any additional information that they need, I will send it. but nothing.
  2. I am so happy for both of you, I hope our case has the same outcome. Thanks.
  3. Of course it is unacceptable, he is my husband. My point is that if Jordan is not going to approve his visa then I would have to move there since there is no other option, but is not something I want to do. We can't make any decisions, our lives are in limbo.
  4. They do check from the start , our application was first in the USCIS for months , then to NVC for more investigation , which I don't have a problem with this, but he had the interview and was told to send additional document (he did within days), and 14 months later nothing. This is where the frustration comes in, specially when I have emailed them , please let us know any additional information they need. Nothing...... His case is currently waiting for the department's decision. How long if is 10, 11 additional months then let us know. That is my point.
  5. Not necessarily a lot of other countries, never takes this long unless the spouse had problems with the law. Just saying.
  6. I get that, and there is a process that we followed..... Now what it's frustrating is that after all the paperwork and proof we sent, they also investigate, the AP takes so long from countries in the middle east. Other places don't take that long. Over 14 months in AP, please. o
  7. Thanks so much, I will try and hopefully the Embassy in Amman can process the visa and finally give us an answer.
  8. The visa is for my husband, and I have emailed them numerous times. Their response is : Your case has been updated, please log back into your account to view the datails.....The details are only an updated date. I really don't understand what else they want. I will try to get in contact with an immigration liaison, maybe that will help.
  9. I understand but this AP is keeping families apart for a very long time.
  10. This waiting is awful, the not knowing what the final decision will be or how long it will take.
  11. I do rather have the truth, this is just frustrating. Not knowing if we have to wait 1,2 months, or another 14 months.
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