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  1. I had my interview and oath yesterday 11/4 at San Diego, CA. The process was very smooth. I had my interview at 10:30 am. Reached the USCIS office at 10:15 am and there were around 12-15 people in front of me. I was last in line to enter the building. There was airport like security after entering. You need to take out shoes, belt, watch. We were asked to go to 4th floor. In 4th floor, they checked-in and asked to wait. The entry to the building to checkin, took almost 15 mins.  I had to wait for around 20 minutes when I was called. I had a virtual interview. The officer told me that they are doing virtual interview trials. The officer was in another room and he could see me using the video on iPad kept in front of me and to talk a phone was placed with speaker on. There was a printer next to me where the officer sent first reading paper where I had to read “what we pay to government?” Another paper where I had to write “We pay taxes.” I had to write my name, A# and date and put the paper on a tray they provided. Next was civic. 
    1. name one US territory

    2. Name one state bordering Mexico 

    3. whom we fought against in

    world world 2.

    4. What did the Declaration of Independence do

    5. father of our nation

    Don’t remember the 6th question.

    After this he went through my application. He did ask me who all live with me. How many bedrooms and baths we have in our house. Is it owned or rented. After this he printed 2 papers. One was the changes containing the updates he did to my application and other was to check my details are correct.I had to sign them and put it on tray. After this he came into the room and collected the paper and verified my writing. And he congratulated me that he approves my application. He informed that he needs couple of minutes and then he will do the oath. He went back to his room and on phone he told me he is running background. This took around 2 minutes and then he came back with the certificate and he made me take the oath and I was done. From the time I was called to the time I was back to waiting room took 10-15 minutes.

    All the best to everyone waiting.

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