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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to ask if someone has been through this situation and wanted to know what they did or any other advice really. So I filled my I-130 (US citizen spouse visa) application online and I received my NOA1 from Potomac center on 27 February 2020. I did not hear anything from USCIS until 28 January 2021 and it was RFE request. This request said following: I submitted this missing information online where it said "Respond to request online" and "add evidence". I uploaded filled out page 9 as they asked for on 3 February 2021. One week later, I called USCIS and asked how long will they take to decide and decide on my case and they said they did not know then I asked where my file was and they said it was in Vermont center. I asked this question because the RFE request came from California center. I got more confused. I was told I had to follow Vermont center processing time (which is just ridiculously long). I made a second call last week asking same questions and this time I was told the file was in Vermont center. They did make a service request for me since it was out of processing time according to Vermont center processing time. Now, I am beyond confused and getting tired of waiting. Can someone help me and let me know what they did to make things to faster? Thanks!
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