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  1. Usually just a few days, and it'll arrive a few days after that.
  2. Same happened here. The social security office claims that USCIS never submitted the info/application to them even though we already have the EAD. And of course the next appointment (in-person) is ~4 weeks away.
  3. The case status doesn’t update at all, you just get the letter in the mail.
  4. Check here for the timelines of people that have recently gotten bio appointments in your area and reported them to this site (sort by Bio): https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aoslist.php?vtype=&op8=Charlotte+NC&interview=&xfr=&op1=5&op2=&op3=&op4=1&op5=&cfl=0
  5. How long ago did it change to "New card being produced"? We just got that status today.
  6. Now our case status just updated to "Interview Scheduled" as well. We are in Hawaii, which is one of the fastest locations around the country.
  7. Our status changed to “Ready to schedule for interview” today, 7 days after it changed to “Response received” for RFIE.
  8. Congrats to people getting interviews already! There is definitely a major difference between different field office interview waiting times. Some have really excessive waiting times (up to 2 years even, in the case of Seattle), and some have really short ones (~4 months, usually for smaller field offices). The official USCIS estimates are totally useless, but you can get good info by looking at the average timelines for different field offices on this site.
  9. What was the delay between “Response Received” on the I-944 and “Ready to schedule interview”? We just got the first one today, but I-944 is so huge that I’m wondering how long it takes to process.
  10. I don't know what the VisaJourney estimate is based off of, but the EAD/AP timeline actually seems to be based on when you did your biometrics (or responded to RFIE, if that was later). It looks like the combo cards typically get approved within 1-2 months of when that is done, based on the timelines uploaded to this site: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/eadlist.php?cfl=&op5=4,7,11,12
  11. If you look at the EAD timelines on this site, it looks like *most* people get their EAD approved within 1-2 months after biometrics are complete, regardless of their initial PD: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/eadlist.php?cfl=&op5=4,7,11,12
  12. I found this data useful, the timelines of people that have recently reported their EAD as approved: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/eadlist.php?cfl=&op5=4,7,11,12 Looking for patterns in recent approvals, you can see that the approval date seems to almost always be within 1-2 months of the biometrics date. Some take a little longer but that seems to be the general pattern. So the premise of my question is a bit wrong -- it doesn't seem to be based on your NOA date, it seems to be based on your biometrics date. I've also heard that all outstanding RFE/RFIE need to be resolved as well (e.g. for I-944 that lots of us just got) before the card is approved. So once your case is marked as "ready for interview", it seems like you should expect the card within 1-2 months.
  13. Call the number, keep saying "technical issue" until it reaches a real person, then tell them what you need. If the Tier 1 agent (the one that picks up) can't or won't do it, ask them to put in a call back request for a Tier 2 agent. The call back will come anytime within the next week or two after that, from a number that they tell you. That person will definitely be able to send it to you. The requests that you can send online either take forever or just get ignored, I'm not sure which. But it doesn't do anything.
  14. We had a similar situation, if it hasn't arrived after two weeks, or there is a pending change of address, a Tier 2 agent can e-mail you a copy of the RFIE. A Tier 2 agent did that for us. (But yes, it's for the I-944 almost certainly)
  15. You can see the timelines of the recent EAD approvals logged on VisaJourney here: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/eadlist.php?cfl=&op5=4,7,11,12 EAD cards seem to be getting approved within 2 months after a biometrics appointment these days, sometimes within a week or two after the biometrics appointment.
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