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  1. Hi everyone I got an update as well, Bay Area January 2020 filler, no updates until January 19th when case was transferred and then on January 22nd they apply fingerprints as well. P.S. drz se Heklice
  2. Hi EvgeniaM and JulesOz - appreciate your answers. I'll definitely do that and keep you updated. It is definitely one step closer to GC. Are you guys planning on submitting N400 or you prefer to wait on GC? Thank you!
  3. EvgeniaM, our case is so similar to yours, from Bay and our case is in Phoenix I believe, we filed couple of weeks after you, and still no update, just an extension letter, not even fingerprints were applied. Also thinking about n400 until permanent gc is approved
  4. Oh, got it. Please keep us updated, hopefully you have been approved, fingers crossed!
  5. You haven't received an extension letter at all? We did, and that's about it, no fingerprints were taken Keep us updated please, we'll give them a call as well
  6. WAC here, got our letter mid January, still no updates since...
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