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  1. sent back the packet, waiting for the consulate to allow me to schedule an interview so fast
  2. The consulate called me yesterday about sending me the packet!!! Only a little over a month after NOA2, I'm so grateful (especially after SO much inaction earlier)
  3. Petition was approved twice, first on 4/29 and then on 5/12, I assume the latter counts. Yesterday NVC replied to my inquiry submitted on 5/24, giving us the new case number, case status is READY since 5/27
  4. Got approved AGAIN yesterday... I assume this means they haven't sent my case to NVC and wasted 2 weeks being imcompetent : (
  5. Hi, would you mind telling me how you got to speak to a real person? My fiance said he only got automated answers
  6. Thanks, that was very helpful! We did file an inquiry and called them, but the inquiry didn't give me any information, due to me using the wrong email I think, aka not the one on the I129f. Didn't know we could ask to talk to a tier 2 agent, now we will try those magic words haha.
  7. He initially submitted the separation agreement, after the RFE sent in the divorce decree.
  8. Our response to the RFE was received on March 1st, it's been 49 days. The RFE was simply for his divorce decree, which he then got from the court and sent in a copy. I've been watching cases around our time and their approval after RFE took a lot shorter than us, like 10 - 20 days. I think they send out RFEs when other work like background check is done, right? What could be the reason for it to take this long?
  9. This probably doesnt affect Columbia though, it was never under the travel ban (PP9984), changes about that only affects countries under the ban.
  10. China just confirmed via email that K1 processing has been resumed ✌️
  11. Still waiting for the approval after replying the RFE, I must be one of very few left. This has made me miss out on multiple chances of joining a lawsuit but now the NIE update and K1 will be back on track... no complaints (maybe a little haha)
  12. A bunch of cases were recently sent to Guangzhou, China and are "ready", around your time. Then the NIE update and it says they may grant immigrant and K1 visas now. So that's why...…^ _ ^
  13. Huge huge huge good news, and about time!! Gov finally doing the right thing, after being sued and losing multiple times. Technically consulates could use "the pandemic" and "local conditions" as excuse to continue to not do anything, but Guangzhou has been very cooperative with previous rulings, and with resuming F2A after 10014 was canceled, so I'm optimistic about K1 in China.
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