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  1. I guess it’s the official ID you need to do a lot of things like open memberships, accounts, buy alcohol (I’m still not sure myself 😂) once I got my SSN I went down to the local DMV with my passport and proof of address to get it. It’s the same place you get your drivers licence etc
  2. I went to BMO with my printed copy of my state ID and my passport and SSN and was able to open an account
  3. Thanks 😍 update my SSN arrived on Tuesday - 11 days after arrival to the US
  4. I actually received mine on Tuesday evening! It came 11 days after I arrived in the US. I didn’t go to an in person appointment
  5. I arrived to Illinois on 9th of July and no SSN card yet 😅
  6. Thanks 🙏 I’m in Illinois (in a suburb of Chicago) I might just do that if I don’t get anything this week…just worried about getting paid 😂🥶
  7. Any updates on the SSN card? I’m worried about it taking weeks since I won’t be paid until I get it 😅 my company transferred me straight over to their US payroll (I work remotely)
  8. No the X-Rays are electronically sent to the embassy after the medical as part of your results and CBP officers have access to this when they are checking your visa out on arrival (or at preclearance in Dublin airport)
  9. My CEAC status changed to issued this morning 🤩 Might be helpful for others who have to send additional docs in after the interview: Monday 28th June - Posted documents and passport to embassy Tuesday 29th June - Documents arrived at embassy Wednesday 30th June - CEAC status went from refused to ready Thursday 1st July - Status changed from ready to administrative processing to issued within an hour
  10. Sorry to hear that I am not sure what is going on with London embassy, I thought they were at a similar pace to Dublin but apparently not. I was DQed in Feb 2021 and had my interview and it looks like others in this thread who were DQed in April/May 2021 have had interviews scheduled too.
  11. Congrats on the interview! I had to obtain Italian police reports (found out on the day of my interview last Thursday) and they also told me to post it back to them with my passport. I ended up just posting it back to them yesterday with anPost. I bought registered, express for 12 euro and it was delivered today (according to the anPost tracker) I was a little nervous but waiting for the embassy to confirm it is safely with them 🥵
  12. She received her SSN 10 days after she arrived. Paid the greencard fee 96 days ago and arrived 91 days ago
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