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  1. I know but hopefully by the time she comes back and we get married, the ban has been lifted. Yeah, we spoke to her parents last night and decided to do the CR1 with her mum as the cosponsor! Thanks to you and everyone who replied
  2. Very true! I think I may be over anxious/over thinking things. I think based on this conversation we are going to revisit the CR1 with a cosponsor.
  3. Because she meets just over the minimum income requirement.
  4. Would it be easier for me to self sponsor the K? She meets the income requirements for the K1 just not the AOS or CR1.
  5. From my understanding the CR1 visa income requirement is 125% which my fiancee does not meet so for her sponsoring me alone, we would only be able to apply for the K1 which is 100%. The benefits of K1 being faster to be together seem to be pretty much non existent which sucks & it's also more expensive which is why we initially wanted to apply for CR1 but we figured we have a higher chance of approval if we apply for the K1. I have accepted that it's going to be a really hard time for me. I have always worked so I'm nervous for what's going to be a long limbo period and I'm sure I won't be able to understand/fully appreciate how hard it's going to be until I'm in it but you gotta do what you gotta do!
  6. We will be living with her parents and they are happy to help support us in the meantime so not concerned about the waiting time between arrival and employment but very good point, thank you for raising it! Edit: deleted last comment because I learned to read. I know about the increasing fees but thank you for letting me know
  7. Yeah, based on the current timeline I think we will be applying for AOS early 2022 but who knows really. You're an angel!
  8. Ah anxiety overtaking common sense. Of course she will have more payslips in 6 months. Thank you! You've put my mind at ease.
  9. Thank you for your response! I didn't know you could self sponsor in London so I will have to look in to that. I'm under the impression you can have a co-sponsor for AOS even if you didn't for K1 so I think this will be the way we proceed with that since she wont make 125%
  10. Hi! Sorry if this is the incorrect place to post this, I am new and just looking for some advice. My fiancee & I got engaged last month and were planning on going through the CR1 visa route however we have recently switched and are looking to go through K1. We have met once in person, August this year, and have no concerns re. the other risk factors. However, she was previously a stay at home mum for two years and has only recently (this month) gone back to work. She does make over the income requirement for a household of 3 for the K1 however as she only has one pay slip so far and I have doubts this would be sufficient evidence. Does anyone have similar experience/can advise how long she would have to be employed/earning this amount for the application to be approved? Any help would be appreciated!
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