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  1. I really need help understanding something if anybody can weigh in and give advice . My husband is from Iraq and we are in the middle of a IR-1 (spouse)visa process. All we are waiting for is our interview . We have been married a little over 2 years . The embassy in Baghdad has been closed since January of this year due to terrorist attacks so our case was transferred to Ankara Turkey. The embassy in Ankara Turkey has been closed for some months due to COVID-19 and they reopened in September and started doing limited visas services . In October they suspended services again in Turkey due to terrorist threats. I contacted the embassy about a week ago and now they are saying they are suspended again due to COVID-19 and can only schedule visa interviews for Turkish citizens and residents. My question is what do the people from Iraq that’s interview has been transferred to different embassies do when they have a genuine EMERGENCY? These embassies are not letting anyone that isn’t a citizen or resident of their country schedule an interview . People of Iraq can’t help that their embassy is closed and what are people doing if their is a dying emergency. Do we not have rights? Nobody will not give me any answers . I’m not sure what to do and who to reach out to for answers . There are a lot of people that have concerns and questions and there is nobody that will answer us.
  2. My husband is from Iraq . Because the embassy in Baghdad is closed his case was transferred to Ankara, Turkey . Our priority date is 11/25/2018 . I submitted our documents in Jan 10,2020 . Nvc was late reviewing our documents so our DQ is may 01,2020. I submitted an expedite request for interview and they have denied twice . Has anyone had their interview recently or scheduled for one soon ? How did it go ? Did you have to do your medical examination before the interview ? I know on Embassy in Baghdad it said that you didn’t have to have exam prior to interview but with it being at a different embassy I didnt know if it would change ? I’m trying to be positive but it’s hard and i don’t know how much longer of a wait . Our visa type Cr-1 . Next month will be married for 2 years so it will change to IR-1
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