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    Our interests are long walks and reading. Being outdoors on a cool crisp autumn day in the state of Maine is truley GOD's COUNTRY. We are BLESSED with this GREAT land.<br /><br />As for me I am a Published Victims Rights Advocate and am always up for a good legal challenge when someones rights are being trampled on as there is no excuse for abuse. <br /><br />As for typing oh it is such a dislike *lol*, yet here I am. Some of my best work has been produced through the confusion of a keyboard. Guess that is why I have been blessed with editors, the edit prompt, backspace and delete *lol*<br /><br />"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."-Abraham Lincoln

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    K-1 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
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    United Kingdom
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    ohhhh! that would again involve the confusion of the keyboard. Yes, we met online....oh now there is a shocker *lol*. We met on a site entitled faceparty. Seperate profiles of course, mine opened in 2001. Now we have our own (see above). We have met up for two week time frames 6 times, have worn the letters out on the almighty keyboard, have been through OH i do not know how many cams and pc's. Not too mention taking stock out in our telephone companies (now there is an idea). Truth is we are GREAT together. We love the same things and we want the same things, and that is hard to find....about as hard as the parting the pond that divides us....but this too shall be overcome.

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