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  1. I filed August 30th 2020 and have an interview on July 14th!
  2. Quick question, if your interview is 1:45pm at Newark, is there any way they’d do same day oath?
  3. I was arrested back in the mid 2000s. It was mistaken identity and quickly resolved as such. I declared it on all my forms and have a police certificate showing no convictions and police computer print out showing no charges etc. Is that enough for an N400 interview? It’s hard to get any more documentation because there wasn’t any!
  4. That’s disappointing but I suspect you’ll hear something in the next few weeks. You’re at the end of the process and they want your application to be rounded out. when did you file?
  5. It looks like a large span of people just got these notices on the same day. I filed end of august and got the same. It might be that they are just catching up and these are further along than it looks. Interestingly mine said NBC and not Newark. Not sure if that means it’s still at the processing center.
  6. Does anyone know why Newark is moving so slowly? It just seems odd as other service centers aren’t this slow. And the other NJ service center is much, much faster.
  7. Interestingly my case completion estimate is 4 months but my estimated waiting time just dropped to 25 days. I filed end of august in NJ and assuming that’s Newark but haven’t had anything other than a receipt notice. Curious if anyone actually received an interview letter around the time of the waiting time date?
  8. Interesting... When did you last get them done? I think they redo if over 5 years or something
  9. I’m afraid I don’t but there should be lots relatively nearby. If not, Lyft/Uber from a few miles away might be a good option. Also, you got a biometrics appointment? I thought they would be waving them.
  10. That’s super quick! I filed end of August 2020. I think it’ll be Newark and a long wait.
  11. Just to clarify, you filed January 15th? Did they reuse your biometrics?
  12. I applied August 2020 so am assuming I’ll be up for interview in September 2021!
  13. Out of curiosity, has anyone received a biometrics or biometrics reuse notice for Newark lately?
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