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  1. Hey everybody! Class of '07 here! Hubster got here in '08 and should be applying for citizenship sometime this month. We still have one little guy between us and he will be all that we have but he is as sweet and as awnry as 3 or 4! Good to see all of you on here. I only stop by from time to time as I spend most of my free computer time on Facebook.


  2. Salam alikum,

    I agree have the petitioner call the Congressman and have her email and ask for updates. Back when we did this which was 3.5 years ago it would take a week for a response but at least we got one and it was vague. I called USCIS to actually know that my husband's visa was approved.

    Best wishes!

  3. Well, I converted 2.5 years ago. This was after we were married but prior to AOS. My husband lucked out and didn't get an interview for AOS and was never asked a question like this for his K1 interview. It is also something that is very private for us and we don't wear our religion so I'm sure with him they would assume what religion he is but with myself they would never know unless we were asked.

  4. You should have replied, Yep he sure is and then walked off. I had a child at school ask me if my husband was a terrorist and before I could answer another child said, " why you ask such stupid questions?" Then all the other children laughed and I just answered there are no stupid questions and no he is not a terrorist. And all the children then just kept quiet afterwards.

    Hey guys! It's been like a year since I've been on here! We are done with all of the AOS stuff and awaiting the INS stuff here in a few months. Well, I just wanted to say hello and I have only an idea of who a small part of you are. I've been gone for so long...those of you who are in contact with me daily I can recognize from your stories or usernames. The others I have no idea about! I hope to get to visit more often.


  5. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I know how painful it is....

    Here is the link to the pinned topic on the subject. Start reading around page 11, before that it is about getting the topic pinned.

    I wish you and you SO the best of luck!


    Thanks for the information and I will give it to the couple going through this. I feel so bad for them because knowing one of them personally and his family this is indeed a valid relationship. I appreciate your kindness.

  6. I am writing this in reference to a friend whom's female fiancee' went to her K1 interview in Cairo Egypt today. She was handed a paper stating that they are writing to inform her that they are forwarding her petition associated with her case to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office that first approvied it via the National Visa Center. The petition is being forwarded because the embassy is not convinced that the relationship is true or valid.

    What actions should be taken? Any advice for this young couple would be greatly appreciated as I do not know how to assist them.

  7. You know my baby will be 2 this month. We will celebrate on 2/28 because he was a leap year baby. It just seems like yesterday when MENA had a baby boom. I think it all started with Sara didn't it?

    At times I would like to but Mal will be our only one together. I have my tubes tied and it was suggested that I don't have any more babies. Plus we have the Brady Bunch together!!! Good luck Kelly!

  8. You are more than welcome. It's always fun to update with good news!

    If/When the time comes for you to bring the boys here, and you need ANY help at all, please don't hesitate to contact me. There isn't a lot of info. regarding bringing kids over on these boards, but what is, is right on.

    Dealing with the Embassy in Cairo is sometimes a different ballgame as I'm sure you know. So, if I can offer an assistance, guidance,or support no matter when that time may be, please let me know.

    Thank you so much. I will add you to my friends list for future reference.

  9. Amy, congrats on the baby girl! My son has 5 names. I am not sure whether it was an Arab tradition or Islamic so I can't answer the question. If our son was a girl, we would have picked her first name and given her the rest of her father's names. I agreed because if she did move back to the ME she would be named like everybody else. Here my son normally has three names but on his ss card and birth certificate all three are present.

    I was told when I was kind of bummed about all of the names that here in the US we are one of the few countries that name as we do instead of the bloodline. Not sure of the facts of this though...

  10. how/why would tasha be able to answer this? she's not married to your husband, not related to your in-laws. why doesn't it end where you say it ends?

    My husband has obligations here and there that I have no issue with. His responsibility is to me and his children. It takes both of us to make it and we just make it a priority to put money back to send home because it is a necessity and I am not talking about sending to his mother or aunt or sister's...but to his responsibility..his obligation as a father. I've never had to give my husband money or worry about how he got it to send home. If he wasn't working, he took care of this issue by himself without putting the worry on me.

    As far as traveling back and forth he has to. His situation I imagine is very different than a lot of people on here. I will not stand in the way of him as long as all of our needs are met and he has adequate time off to travel.

    My husband's issues are up and down due to missing his family, career, culture. Because I love and care for him so much I feel his pain when he hurts and happy when he isn't if that makes any sense to my reference to the roller coaster ride.

    Anyways, I hope it all works out for those having problems. Take care.

  11. Cheryl,

    Your husband sounds a lot like mine but mine has gotten to go home two times in almost two years. I understand the frustration and feel as if sometimes I am going to lose my mind with the rollercoaster he is on and has myself on.

    I just want you to know you aren't alone. Everything that you have said I have been through. I would love to say it has stopped but it hasn't.

    God bless you and best wishes in the future.

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