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  1. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/attachments.pdf Look at this checklist, there is your answer 😊
  2. Passport is enough. There is actually a list of documents on the USCIS website and it's listed there.
  3. They will write an email to your service center on your behalf. If you give them valid arguments, they may ask to get you expedited but not necessarily. The service center may or may not look closer into your application. It's not guaranteed! It may help and there is no harm in doing so! You are waiting for a very long time!
  4. I talked to both levels and they finally spot a small mistake that was holding me back. I'm not saying that's a magic solution but you have a right to information, beyond their generic "just wait and see"
  5. Ask them if they see any irregularities in your case, especially if other "nearby cases" around you are progressing. Ask if they see any activity on your file... basically make sure that you case is being looked at. I experienced a lot of unfriendly agents but eventually I got one or two which were helpful and my case got back on track and my pain is over.
  6. My case was stalling for a long time, I kept learning bits and pieces" why" - libe agents, officers - I kept asking why surrounding cases are processed? Why my is untouched? How come that other cases are moving forward since they claim that it is happening in order and so on so that. I guess they finally got tired of me 😅
  7. My case got completely derailed. I started calling them once a month and demanding a call with an officer and then asking if my case is "active". It finally put my case back on track...
  8. They are not the brightest lights on the Christmas tree.. keep trying until you get someone smarter. All my friends got their info that way.
  9. Chat with Emma and request live agent or just call USCIS hotline- they will tell you the date.
  10. Call 60 days ahead to schedule a call with an officer, after 30 days you will get a call back and they will schedule you for an appointment to stamp your passport with an extra extension.
  11. You can talk/use chat with a live agent. Most likely you will hear that the system is not accurate and not to pay attention to it as it doesn't work as intended. Check processing times for your local office, they go by that...
  12. Call and ask for a talk with an officer (second tier) Keep calling until you will be able to talk with someone compassionate and knowledgeable. And that's for an expedite criteria: "Job loss may be sufficient to establish severe financial loss for a person, depending on the individual circumstances" There is also an option to write a letter to your Field Office (not an usual route but since you have a pressing matter, then why not?)
  13. It qualifies as an expedite. Write to your Congressperson, it's just an email that they forward to the Field Office,it takes around 2 weeks to get an answer - you may have a better chance that way.
  14. https://immigrationimpact.com/2022/01/28/uscis-citizenship-files-locked-caves/#.YhW7lrep410
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