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  1. Could you tell me if you had to have a medical exam completed? I haven't had a request yet for this?
  2. So sorry, must be really difficult for you both. Hang in there! You're so close!
  3. For anyone who is in the same situation as me, just wanted to let people know that I just had my interview expedited due to pregnancy.
  4. Great, thank you for the response I'll wait until next week and give them a call just incase. Very Exciting! I noticed that the topics for expedite processing due to pregnancy are closed down as it says that this is not a valid reason. I hope this doesn't dissuade anyone from applying. It's always worth a try! We are so hopeful now!
  5. I just received an email that my CR-1 was approved for expedite processing due to my being pregnant. I haven't heard from the U.S. consulate in Sydney yet. Has anyone else had their case approved for expedited processing and could you tell me how long it took them to reach out and schedule an interview?
  6. Could you tell me if you went through SFO airport? I'm part of a greencard facebook group and there have been a few posts lately about people getting turned back on ESTAs from LAX and SFO.
  7. Hi Zochu, could you tell me how you applied for your expedite request? Was it through the portal or an email address and what your reasons were? I'm in Australia and my husband is in the U.S. we were documentarily qualified on the 1st May but still no visa interview in Sydney. Thanks for your help.
  8. Please do update. I'm waiting for an interview and want to travel to the states on my ESTA. Last time I went to the US on my ESTA I was pending approval of I-i30 so it was a little different.
  9. I visited for two weeks on an ESTA visa while my I-130 was pending. It was a little stressful... they took me into another room with some other people and I had to wait for about an hour to be interviewed. They asked me ALOT of questions about my situation and were very stern. I showed them my letter of employment and paystubs showing that I work in Australia and my return flight home and that I was visiting for two weeks to see my husband and then had to return to work in Australia. I thought they weren't going to let me in but eventually they did.
  10. Could you tell me how you contacted them to request the expidite? Did you use the portal or an email address? Thank you!
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