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  1. You can try a law firm in China like lawandborder.com. They told me they could get me the certificate it. Eventually me and my fiancée figure it out but she is there so it’s different. GL
  2. Hello all, So I check my case and it shows “ready” in ceac, it’s been two weeks since nvc sent me the email. I read some people said my fiancée need to wait for the embassy package while some forum post shows they can schedule a interview already on ceac portal and upload necessarily documents if I had the invoice id and nvc case number. Then some post says invoice id are not important for K1. Which I don’t have the invoice id number, just the nvc case. Can someone clarify this for me? thanks
  3. If I recall some embassy require original copy that is the only reason
  4. Hello all, Super exciting time, I just got an email that our nvc case is approve and forwarded to the embassy. Seems like I couldn’t create a login yet without the Invoice ID number which I requested already. Saying so I have some questions/advice/opinion answer. I have all my document gather as the petitioner such as Supporting financial documents, i134, w2, tax document. I plan to ship all the documents to my fiancée including copy of the i129f package along with document she need for the interview. The question is do I need to wait for the nvc letter and then send it to her? Or can I just ship her the package and the digital copy they sent us in the email is enough? I also have to send the uscis letter too correct? Other question just to ease my mind and make sure I got everything in order. I heard there suppose to be a package, should we wait for it or can we fill out the ds160 and pay the fees then schedule the interview correct? Assuming all the other stuff is gather such as my fiancée birth certificate, police report, and medical check is done. Or am I missing something? Thank You
  5. Sl0th

    QQ group

    Hello all, Anyone has a QQ group for k1/CR1 visa folks going through this process? My fiancée is just wanting to have a group with people so they can share among each other or help each other when they anxious and waiting. Thanks
  6. Hello VJ community, I heard that K1 is processing right now and had a couple question. I am a bit confuse by the wording and doesn’t seem like it posted anywhere so I have to know just so I can plan ahead. For example, assume everything is approve for K1 and she arrives in USA where I setup a date already in court for us to get married that day or a few day. I fill all this: Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status I-864 (Affidavit of Support) I-693 (Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record); I-131 (Application for Travel Document). If the K1 visa only last 90 days what happen during this time to my fiancé/wife? I didn’t see any explaination on this? Does she just stay with me? Does she have to go back to her home country? Also another question even if the K1 is approve do they allow some to travel from China to USA with a K1 during this time? I hope by then travel restrictions would be lift. Thanks All!
  7. Hey VJ community, I am new and probably at one point someone had post this, sorry for re-posting. English isn't my first language so excuse my grammer. So far I been reading guides and forums for the last few days, I just want to make sure I have everything in order before I start this process. I like to be organize and have things plan out so excuse the long story. I am born and raise in USA and plan to marry my girlfriend of 2 years who currently is living in Guangzhou, China. I guess the first step is to get a "Single Status Affidavit" notarize by my state and the Chinese consulate, which I never done but guess it's the first time for everything. I heard that this only last three months so I haven't done it since I don't know when I can return to China due to travel ban. Bring my birth certificate, passport, 3 photo of us together, hukou book, and then tied the knot in China. I assuming after all this once done and over I can start CR-1 or K3. So I read that rarely do people get a K3 issue yet I read that K3 is faster approved than CR1 which I am not even sure what to believe now. My girlfriend wants to come and live with me so we been looking at K3 since it gives us the fastest route to meet our goals. After analyzing the numbers on VJ statistic I feel that there is no difference in K3 and CR1 approval so why not just go CR1? I also read on the forum people had sent two of the form out I-130 and I-129F seeing which ones get approve first, which I-130 has seem to being approved first. Saying so can I do this forms right after we get marry in China via online or do I need to return home? At first for th CR-1 I had thought that the green card was permanent residence but it is only conditional which I will have to do a I-751 eventually? When do people usually do this? After 2 years of marriage or when the green card is about to expire? Does my girlfriend need to fill out anything after I sent the I-130 and got it approve and move on to I-130A? Seems like it's just the interview afterward with her documents forms needed correct? I notice there are also a lot professional service for this process but cost quiet a bit, does anyone know if they make the process much faster? If I am missing anything, please educate me. Thanks all
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