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  1. Hey! I am a CR1. My status didn't change because I crossed before my 2 year anniversary. My point of entry was Detroit-Windsor (Ambassador Bridge)
  2. Hey all - finally at the end of the tunnel. Received my physical green card in the mail this week. Post-interview timeline: Interview: 22 Feb 2021 Passport received: 1 Mar 2021 Date of entry: 6 Mar 2021 SSN received: 22 Mar 2021 Green Card received: 8 Jun 2021 (about 90 days later) Good luck to all of you in the process!
  3. Congrats! Where do you live or which Service Center did you get your green card from? It seems like some west coast folks have received their green card really fast... so wondering if it has to do with their service center or chance.
  4. Hey all - update from the EI claim after moving here. Once we leave Canada and have eligibility to work in USA (which you would with Spousal visa, not sure about Fiance), we get 'transferred' to Interstate Claims Department. They are the ones who look at our application, approve us and where we have to submit reports etc. The number to call is +1 877 486 1650, as someone stated above. Whenever you move here and call them, you have to leave a voicemail, that's how they call you back. If you don't leave a voicemail and keep trying, you won't get a call back... that's my understanding. I was told that I am eligible and I have to submit a report every 2 weeks, as you would in Canada. Ideally, they ask you to submit paper reports unlike internet report that you can send in Canada. However, because of postal delays right now, they have asked everybody to call in every 2 weeks to submit the reports. You are eligible to receive EI from Canada as long as you have work authorization here in US and you are available to work. Let me know if you all have any questions!
  5. My US Spouse was working at the time and I didn't have a joint sponsor so our situation is slightly different! If you have a joint sponsor, you should be good. I think they want to make sure that whoever is sponsoring (even if it is jointly) you can do so and they would check that with the Affidavit of Support and Financial Documents that you provide. They asked me the standard questions like "where does your US spouse work" and "what does he do for work" as well as "what kind of job do you plan to do when you go to US". I've seen some people mention that if there is a joint sponsor, they ask the same questions about the joint sponsor so it should be okay (others would be able to comment on that). Also, at the interview window, he didn't check any documents. All the financial support documents were collected at the first window. Sorry I wasn't too helpful! I was only commenting on the Beneficiary since the my address and job situation changed from DQ to Interview as well.
  6. unfortunately, ours took a few days too! On top of that, the pay.gov website wasn't working properly so I had to submit my credit card information multiple times on different computers...
  7. Hey! I had the same situation. You can't change anything till you go to the interview. At the interview they asked me about my current home address, and I confirmed that that is where I want my passport sent back (and I had my courier information updated to the current one too). They didn't ask about my job situation so I didn't tell them. I didn't need to show any documents about these changes but I had it with me anyway. To be honest, it seemed to me that they were / are only bothered about continued employment of the US spouse so they can sponsor you. Let me know if you have more questions!
  8. Hello, New to this thread. Just moved to US on March 6th to live with my spouse on a CR-1. Is there an FAQ or some document I can use that summarizes this? I am trying to file EI till I get a job here. I called Service Canada EI and they told me that their system says I can't claim Canadian EI when I have moved to US. I had to then tell her that it is on the Government of Canada website and she said that's completely different than the information they have in their system on EI benefits in US. So... now she is checking again because I directed her to the link on the canada.ca website... Thanks!
  9. Passport update: Received Monday, 1st March (1 week after interview) in Toronto. Interview was 22nd February. Date of entry: Saturday, 6th March POE Update: I crossed through the Ambassador Bridge (Detroit-Windsor). The process was smooth. It took about 30 minutes. I had rented a car to cross over. They asked where I was coming from, where I was going, when I got married and asked me to go to secondary. At secondary, they asked how much stuff I was bringing with me and what was in it. I gave them all the required documents: Passport with visa, Rental car documents, Bill of Lading and Customs Form 3299 (I had UPack ship my stuff). I also gave them a detailed list of my items in the UPack cube by box number. An officer came back to confirm where I wanted my Green Card and SSN sent and then 15 minutes later came back with all my documents and passport, said "Congratulations and Welcome to the United States". I didn't need to get out of the car. Will update once I have received my GC and SSN. Feel free to ask me any questions!
  10. Hey! Did you change browsers when the pay.gov website didn't work? It takes me all the way till I enter my cc number and billing address but then gives me an error. I am using Google Chrome so I was wondering if you did anything different to be able to pay the fees eventually? Thanks!
  11. Interview date 2/22, tracking info received this afternoon (12:30pm). I opted for Purolator.
  12. CR1 - Approved! The process and questions were pretty much similar to what everybody mentioned so don't want to be repetitive but please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have! I have a Canadian PR with another nationality and have lived in UAE as well. They did ask about the UAE PCC but Reciprocity page said I was exempt. I had printed out the page and showed it at the window they collect documents as well as interview window. A question he asked me that I don't think has come up is "where have you travelled in the last 5 years". As people have previously mentioned - it is better to upload the updated financial documents on CEAC. The lady at the window was happy that I had already uploaded it so didn't ask me for those documents. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions! I will keep you posted on the timeline for receiving my passport back.
  13. Congratulations! That's mad quick! Happy to hear and hope you get your passport back soon!
  14. I did mine on Jan 26th and had results sent within 6 business days to the Consulate! Ahhh, I was debating if I should just send it to the post office or deliver it to my home. Not bad timing though. I already paid for them to deliver to my house so let's see if I can change that. My interview isn't till next week so I can figure that out. Thank you!!
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