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  1. Hello people, After 8 months of waiting, 2 months ago, the USCIS approved our K1 Visa. 2 months ago we received the NOA2 saying the NVC would take 2-4 weeks to send it to the embassy of my fiancés country, Ukraine. Well, its been 9 weeks and nothing yet (they say it takes 2-4 weeks). Any suggestions? Insight? How long is it taking other people? Thx
  2. Hello Guys, My fiance (Ukraine) and I(California) have decided to move to Mexico together to wait until her K-1 Visa is ready. Do you guys think we can run into any issues? I live in my parents house in CA and any letters will be sent there if any issues arise. We applied 6 months ago and are waiting for our I-129F form to be processed. Thx
  3. Whats up guys, So I applied for my K-1 visa September 2020, and at the end of the month its going to be 6 months since. We are still waiting on getting our 129-F approved. Just wondering if anyone had any insight as to what to expect when it comes to waiting time? I watched a video today with Jacob the immigration lawyer from SD in YouTube and he said if you were to apply today for a k-1 visa it would take the normal 8-9 months + a year! Now I did apply nearly 6 months ago but that number is scary and my thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone waiting. Any insight?
  4. okay thx for not answering it then lololol. And damn it, hope for the best. than you.
  5. Hello Guys, 2 things I wanted to talk about in this thread: 1. I was watching the Visa Coach on YouTube as most of you probably know and he mentioned in one of his videos talking about the timeline for the USCIS processing times have gone down. Meaning they are going through the I-129F packets quicker. Mainly due to less people applying at this time. And not only that but it seems like they have put K-1 visas at a priority for the interviews at US embassies around the world. So is this all true and is it good news? 2. (please please please don't turn this into a political conversation, remember this is a visa topics website) Since Trump became president it has become much harder and longer to receive your K-1 visa. Do you think if Trump is elected out of office the process time will speed up? (again:vote for whoever you want...idc, I am just curious on this)
  6. Ahhhh thats actually good to hear. We hung out for 2 weeks in Ukraine (where she is from), then in November we are going to Turkey, then March/April we are going to western Europe if the EU eases their Covid-19 traveling restrictions. So I am not worried about the interview because by that time we will have met several times and she will easily prove our love. Thats good to hear. She is 34, I am 27...thats about it. Not too big of a gap I dont think.... But on second thought, if they dont evaluate the bonda fide of the relationship why do we have to show proof of on going relationship such as pictures together and other evidence?
  7. Hey Guys, So the quick and dirty is that I met my fiance online around mid-may and we talked for a couple of months until I went to her country to meet her. I spent 2 weeks with her and we fell absolutely in love. I came back to the US mid august and I just recently sent the I-129F application for the k-1 visa. Are we doing this too quick that the USCIS will deny our application? We are meeting again in November in another country and another time sometime in March/April, but I am just worried USCIS will be mad at how fast we applied. What do you guys think? ty
  8. Hey guys, So I sent in my I-129F form/packet and it arrived at the postal address they provided last thusday. Its almost been a week and I haven't heard anything from them. Any advice on whats going on or what to expect? I know its a long process but I think they are supposed to send me a text msg when they get it. Thx guys, excited to move on with this.
  9. Yea I think that's me. I was born in another country and I became a citizen when I was 16/17, so I didn't have to take the test because I was below 18. I don't think I got either of those edit: That is me! https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/learn-about-citizenship/i-am-the-child-of-a-us-citizen
  10. Hello people, I am sending out my filled out I-129F packet by the end of the month. My question is how valid does my passport need to be? My passport expires September 26th 2020. This is what it says on their instructions on how to fill out the I-129F: (1-6 is supposed to be A-F, refer to 3-E) Evidence of U.S. citizenship which may include any of the following: A copy of your birth certificate issued by a U.S. civil authority; A copy of your original Certificate of Naturalization; A copy of your original Certificate of Citizenship; A copy of your Form FS-240, Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States; A copy of your valid, unexpired U.S. passport or passport card issued with a validity period of at least five years; or A statement executed by a U.S. consular officer certifying that you are a U.S. citizen and the bearer of a currently valid U.S. passport. By the time I sent it, it'll be valid...also I think the 5 years is for the passport card only...but then again I am unsure, hence why I am asking. I also called someone in USCIS and they said I'm fine, but idk if I trust them, but I trust you guys!
  11. Hello guys, My fiance and I are currently in the process of filling out the I-129F form for the K-1 visa. I, the american citizen, work legally here in the USA, but my fiance works illegally in her home country... we were wondering if we should put her work history on the form or just leave it blank. Also another question: my fiance has both her home country passport and her international passport...do we include both or one or the other in the required documents. Thank you for your help in advanced
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