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  1. Hello all. i have a question. my USC sister is planning to sponsor my mom to come to the US next yr. my mom lives with my half brother. she was never married to my dad nor to the dad of my brother. recently, my brother’s dad passed away from health problems. my question is, if my sister sponsor my mom, is she able to bring my half brother with her? there would be nobody who would watch over him if he has to be left behind. btw my brother is only 12 yrs old. thank you!
  2. Hello! I have something that i am a little anxious about and i wanna know if it’s going to be a problem at the interview. my mother in law’s middle name in my husband’s birth certificate is wrong so when we were filling out our marriage license, my husband put the right one. Now, my mother in law has two different middle names. one is from the birth certificate (wrong) and one that is in our marriage certificate (correct) will this be a problem at the interview? thank you in advance!
  3. thank you so much. our i130 got approved two days ago. i’ll give it up to a week or two before i try to contact nvc about it.
  4. im just wondering how long does the nvc take to send you the welcome letter? do they send it to me through mail or email? thanks.
  5. what is your PD? Did you call USCIS? what was their response?
  6. i am. pd jan 2020. got transferred to vermont on 2/23 with out notice. still waiting for noa2
  7. hello there! i did not receive a transfer notice. i found out i got transferred when i sent an email to uscis. instead of texas, they told me to check vermont’s processing times which is a lot slower than texas. now im anxious!
  8. any one here who filed in january 2020? my case was transferred from texas to vermont and i haven’t heard anything from uscis yet. anyone on the same page with me?
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