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  1. Oh that’s great! was your visa issued then? and thank you! we are hoping for the best
  2. Hello, Yes we received the orange paper. We mailed the tax transcript through aramex and we believe they were received by the embassy because we had a case update shortly after mailing them. We also uploaded to the CEAC website on September 28, however they still show "submitted" and not "accepted". I emailed the NVC to check why the delay and they only replied that now our case is at the Amman embassy so any correspondence should go through them. I'm not sure if it is necessary that the NVC accepts the paper if the Amman embassy received it, and the embassy won't reply with anything except generic responses.
  3. We were approved in June and had an interview in September here in Amman. However Amman embassy is currently closed, even for American citizen services, so they aren’t holding any visa interviews at the moment. They said they will resume services once the covid situation has eased up.
  4. Hi all, My husband had his CR1 interview here in Amman on Sept 16, 2020, and were unfortunately placed in AP. I am here in his country staying with him as we are expecting our first child in the next couple months. I am making plans to give birth here, however, I want to know if this will negatively affect anything to do with my husbands visa while we are in AP? Will I need to file anything regarding the birth of our child within the visa process? Also, if anyone has experience regarding timeline of filing a CRBA I'd love to hear- I'm hoping its not as lengthy as the visa process. Because my cut off date to fly is soon, I am hoping to make the decision of whether to fly home or give birth here. Thank you!
  5. Received the tax transcripts after 2 weeks since we needed the IRS to send us a code in order to access online account. I know the embassy received the physical copy straight away because they updated our case date after the mail was received by the embassy. However it’s been 3 weeks and the document has still not been accepted on the CEAC website, so still waiting for visa approval.
  6. The only travel was a week with me to turkey for our honey moon after we married. He never even had a passport before that. And as for work he has been a police officer in his country since he graduated high school, no other work history.
  7. Also, I uploaded the document under additional documents, not under AOS with my previous returns, is that okay????
  8. So when the Officer requested that the tax transcript be uploaded to the CEAC website and emailed to the embassy, is it not necessary that the document is accepted on the CEAC website now? or will the embassy be in charge of accepting this through CEAC? when it was requested from us I had assumed that this would go back to the responsibility of the NVC for acceptance since we uploaded to CEAC
  9. hello, my husband had his interview on September 16th, we were placed in AP for missing tax transcript and given a document similar to DS5355 as well. We initially uploaded tax return only as the NVC states tax transcript OR return, however the embassy requested we upload the transcript to CEAC at the time of the interview. the DS5355 questionnaire we emailed same day as interview and its now been two weeks since we uploaded the tax transcript after waiting for IRS. The reason I am asking about timeline is that when we initially uploaded documents it took us 5 days between uploading and becoming documentarily qualified. We have also had a date change on our case status 6 times since being in AP. Is nvc's process different for looking at "new" cases as compared to cases that have resubmitted documents after DQ? Any advice would be appreciated- trying to determine if I'll be getting on a plane to go home before I'm too far along in my pregnancy 😬.
  10. We had our interview last month with just tax returns as that what was requested and accepted on the ceac website. At the interview my husband was sent home with AP because they wanted Tax transcript as well. Even though it clearly states tax transcripts OR returns.If you can get both it would be better but maybe your embassy will be more lax about it.
  11. An employee at the embassy told my husband that before he sends his passport back for the visa, that he will need to create a new passport, as his Current passport is a picture of him in his police uniform. Here in Jordan police are prohibited from Having a passport without their police uniform. (Also, this is not the reason he was put in AP, this was just a comment from one of the workers in the embassy). When we are called to send his passport back for the visa, would it be an issue to send an entirely new passport in the mail to receive the visa if the old passport has been used throughout the process so far?
  12. The interview went very well, the questions were simple, only about our relationship and the officer was nice. No problems at all in interview I’d say it was about 10mins. I am here in Amman but they didn’t let me enter the embassy. This Orange paper was already ready to be given out, my husband saw it there filled out before they started talking, seems to have already been decided beforehand.
  13. We had our interview and we also received this paper. I think we will just type up on a page. How long did it take for the embassy to reply to you after submitting this?
  14. Yes we had our medical sent through email as well. My husbands interview is tomorrow 9/16 and it wasn’t cancelled. We got the email scheduling the appointment a month before in August. Not sure why they would cancel yours, maybe something simple. Maybe you could call the embassy and ask.
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