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  1. My request for expedited processing was approved on 17 Sep and the case status on 18 says On September 18, 2020, we produced your Advance Parole Document for your Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, Receipt Number MSC209
  2. it took 5 days for uscis to send you an email to request for further information. They sent an email in which the fax number and reference number was mentioned.
  3. I just sent out the supporting documents by fax today.
  4. yes, they just updated the status on uscis page this morning that My case is under review and I will be contacted for any additional information. Any progress on your case?
  5. No I got messages or update whatsoever on the uscis website. I submitted the request just two days ago. So I guess it's gonna take a while for them to confirm.
  6. Sure, let's do that. When did you make the expedite request ?
  7. thank you very much. Will try to call them again sometime next week. Good luck with your case!
  8. Hello, Thanks. Very helpful. I just made my expedite request for I-131 yesterday 03 Sep and I got a tracking number from the officer I talked to (T1Bxxxxxxx MSC). Not even sure how soon can they approve the expedite request. My online status on uscis website is not updated yet as of today 04 Sep. Do I need to do a follow up call to USCIS ?
  9. Congrats! Very happy for you. I hope so too. I think I'll just have to keep trying. Many thanks for your help.
  10. Thanks very much. Very helpful. Will reach out to Harley Rouda's office. Early last week, my case status on USCIS website was updated to 'READY to schedule an interview'. Not sure what that means. According to some sources, it usually takes months for them to get an interview date scheduled. Any good news about your AP approval?
  11. I filed I-485 and I 131 in early April. I got two NoAs both dated Apr 16. But received only one NoA for biometrics. Biometrics done on 10 Aug. On 13 Aug, online status was updated to 'ready to schedule an interview' . No news since. I guess it's gonna take several months for them to actually schedule an interview.
  12. I got my biometrics done last week for AoS. The invitation letter didn't specifically say it's ONLY for I-485. Never got a separate appointment letter for my I-131 and it's been nearly 5 months. All my bio data is already in the system. So I just assume, they will use it for I-131 too. What is your filing date for I-131?
  13. Thanks. Sounds great! I didn't know it was even possible. Was it because they reused your old biometrics data? How did you manage to get it approved fairly quickly?
  14. hello, 

    According to your timeline your advance parole was approved exactly 3 months after NOA received. 

    My NOA is Apr 16 and will get biometrics done next week. I am worried about the timing as I will have to make an overseas trip in mid September. 


    Could I please ask, how long did it take for you to receive the advance parole approval  after biometrics?


    Thank you!

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