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  1. Please keep me updated thanks I’ll try to keep in touch
  2. I am actually so confused specially after new law that no need for public charge form but I’ll still send it just Incase
  3. Thanks guys I’ll give it another try with N/A in the blank fields
  4. I selected one page only it not allowing me to add more pages saying you allow to upload up to 1000.kb
  5. Hi , I did check plenty of times is there any one who can review it with me , I can pay him to do so but I tried to hire an attorney but I can afford what they asked for
  6. That’s what I did I didn’t file online I have sent all those application with evidence together and payment
  7. Hi thanks for replying I meant Uscis keep rejecting the file I have attached i130 i485 i944 i864 and i864a i765 with evidence and paperwork needed they reject the whole package referring that i485 part 2 isn’t fully complete while part 2 is only you check like a box saying in what relation you applying and all other questions I have answered all
  8. I am trying to file i485 with i130 for my mother I am a USC she is in USA on B1/B2 visa and due to COVID 19 she stayed with us and we convince her to apply for visa adjustment to get her green card but they keep rejecting my file saying part 2 is not fully complete I don’t know what is messing please help the visa is going to expire
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