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  1. Hey there! We're in the exact same situation. Could you post an update about what ended up happening with your case?
  2. I get the same message and I'm also pretty sure we submitted all the required documents. Since that page instructs you to mail the documents via post, I'm pretty sure it's not connected to the online document upload system, so documents in the CEAC review queue will not update the status there.
  3. Oh wow, thanks so much! Hope we'll get the receive letter via email in the coming days; and I'll let the Boundless agent know their info was wrong then. Thank you!
  4. Right! But will the NVC know our email address? Boundless told us that NVC would only know where to send an email if we linked to a my.uscis.gov account. They also didn't let us write in our own email address on the G-1145. I just noticed that the I-130 contains our email addresses though. Will NVC know to use this email address we wrote as our email as "Petitioner's Contact Information" on the I-130? Since USCIS never contacted us there, I thought they don't record it as a notification email at all.
  5. We filed via Boundless and they claim that NVC would send us a copy of that letter via email, if we linked the case to an email address on my.uscis.gov. We'd prefer the email since it would arrive faster and more reliably than the physical letter. Are we wrong about any part of this?
  6. We filed a consular processing I-130 via paper on 2020-10-23 and we got a notice of receipt on 2020-11-16. The USCIS website implies this letter should've included an "Online Access Code" we can use to link the case to our account on https://my.uscis.gov/ However, this letter doesn't have any code like that on it, it only has our IOE case number. Some people online say they got the Online Access Code in a separate letter, but we didn't get anything else in the mail. We got approved on 2021-01-20 (65 days total, it's crazy, we know!) but now we can't access the NVC received letter digitally, since we never managed to link the case on the website. Is it possible to access the NVC letter in any other way digitally? Is there anything we can do to link the I-130 case to our USCIS account?
  7. Ours was delivered by UPS Oct 23rd, took until Nov 16th to get a text notification about receipt (which is also our NOA1 date).
  8. Yep, we filed via paper, sent to Lewisville, TX. The package arrived October 23, no word yet!
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