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  1. When did this happen? Is that for every embassy? I contact the US Embassy in London a few months ago and they said no extensions for medical. That has changed? I thought we can't even schedule unless we have a valid medical?
  2. Hi everyone, I know many of us are going through the same complexities of getting our visas so I am wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with my question. For context, I am from the US and trying to get a K-1 for my fiance who is in the UK. Like many of you, we were just at the point of getting an interview appointment when COVID stopped everything. My fiance went to the US Embassy in London for his medical at the end of March one day before they stopped doing them. It expires September 12 which we will most likely have to do again in order to be able to schedule an appointment. The issue we are having now is that my fiance is planning on going to a bridge country Sept 4 to quarantine for 2 weeks and then come be with me for 6-8 weeks. If they open up interviews, we will not be able to schedule while he is here because his medical will have expired. I am wondering if we can just do the second medical before he travels here even though its a few days before the first medical expires? That way if the interviews open up while he is in the US, we can at least schedule something. We didn't know if the embassy will let people schedule a medical before the initial one expires? Thank you!
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