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  1. Hi, We were planning on having my father in law visit this fall. He lives in China and he was going to stay in another Asian country that is not affected by the travel ban, he would quarantine in this country for 14 days prior to traveling to USA and he will get two covid 19 test as well before he departs. I am to believe this is acceptable after reading the travel ban. If this is allowed would he have any issues after arriving into the USA? I am assuming there is no guarantee entry as entry is up to the discretion of the agent. Any one have any thoughts on this? Anyone gone through this recently?
  2. Hi My mother in law is here from China and her I94 ran out in April, we filled out the forms for an extension and submitted, she did her Biometrics in March and we have had no communication from USCIS since this appointment and no change in her status on their portal, we assumed if her extension was granted she would have to leave before November as she would have been here for a year, so we booked a return flight to China last week and the airline canceled the flight a few weeks later, has anyone experienced anything like this yet? If I can't get a return flight and she stays past her one year mark will she be in violation? Has anyone gotten an appointment for a extension since the USCIS office opened up? Any advice would be appreciated.
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