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  1. I should also mention we arrived around 6:30 am and departed by lunchtime. There were hundreds outside the embassy in a winding line just to get inside. We went inside by groups of about 50 or so. Once at the interview window, the interview took about 20 - 30 minutes. As I said, it was a conversation amongst four interested people with someone (interviewer) asking questions about "our story" together. It was not a sterile cross-examination but a very enjoyable sharing, borderline chance to bragg! The interviewer made a few one-liner jokes and there was no rush. It was more pleasurable than I envisioned it would've been. We did observe that most interviews were about five to ten minutes. With some occurring with minor "fireworks!" What I share here are my own personal experiences. I am not a "knowledgeable" person extolling the rules and directives. This is my story on our experience. We three loved it and still to this day relive our experience with joy and laughter about what happened.
  2. Thank you! This occurred in November 2016. We were processing a combination K1 & K2 fiancee visa at the US Embassy, Manila Philippines. At that time it was required that both mother and child was required for the interview. My stepdaughter had just turned 17 yrs old that October. My original plan was to not return for their interview because my presence was not required AND the interview had the option to not have me present. The physical environment in the embassy for the interview was like a bank teller's station. There were about six stations next other wth an external speaker at each. There was a winding line feeding the stations. There was not hint of privacy. In fact, while nearing our que, we heard a loud discussion at the furthest station and we were embarrassed for whoever was involved. When we were next up, we got to go to that same interviewer and we just looked at one another, shrugged and reluctantly marched down to that station expecting the worst. It was not like that at all. The interviewer collected herself and very professionally carried out their duties. I stood behind my fiancee and her daughter. The interviewer saw me and asked me if I was with them and I replied yes. She said I could stay and asked me to move on up. She also said, as she perused through the package, "I see you came from Maryland. Did you come here specifically for this I interview?" I replied yes, to support my fiancee and future stepdaughter. She replied she wished more husbands to be should the same level of interest and commitment. That really soothed the tension and everything was so comfortable after that. The interview was tremendously more conversational than what we had overheard. This was why I encouraged, when/if it's possible, attend that interview!
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