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  1. Her case is at NVC and she got an invoice number. But the pay button isn’t working when I called the NVC they said that’s because her case wasn’t current but a week before her dad died they called her sister and told her sister that they needed to continue with the case before the year ended or her case would be closed.
  2. I don’t think she knew all this back than. And I’m not sure if she can reapply to get her green card back. But maybe in wrong
  3. The non-US child is 8 years old. I didn’t know that he couldn’t be a derivative. What visa types do allow a derivative
  4. He’s currently 12 but I just remembered she has a daughter who is 18 so that’s a much better option. The son hasn’t been to the US since he was born but the daughter has been living in US with her father (the daughter is from a previous marriage) since she was 5. They have a pretty good relationship and speak regularly so that’s a good backup option. I think I recommend she talk to a lawyer about the reinstatement on humanitarian grounds and if it fails than just have her daughter petition for her when she’s 21
  5. Yes. That’s why I knew a simple substitute sponsor wouldn’t work because she wasn’t in the US when her father died and neither was her child. She use to have a green card but it was revoked because she was outside the US for longer than 6 months. She does have 3 children who are US citizens and only one child is not a US citizen. At this point I think if they don’t reinstate her petition that she should just wait till her son is 21 so he can petition for her instead. It would just be faster than having her brother do it and waiting 15+ years just for it to go current instead of letting her son become 21 and petition for her.
  6. What are the requirements for extreme humanitarian circumstances? I was afraid that a substitute sponsor wouldn’t suffice either. He has a stable income and job if that means anything.
  7. I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right place but I’m asking on the behalf of my aunt. Her father was her petitioner for her and her kids. Her 1-130 was approved a year ago and it was at the NVC waiting to go current. The problem now is that her father passed away two weeks ago. She was not residing in the US when her father passed away. Does she need to inform the NVC that her father passed away and is there away to get her reinstated? Or is she out of options? I wanted to add that she does have a brother and a sister who both reside in the US and are citizens
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