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  1. 2018 but I took 2019 with me to interview. They didnt ask for the 2019 one though
  2. I don't know if this is helpful or not but my DS-260 was reopened before my interview as well because I missed some questions. All I did was answer the questions that the embassy asked me to fill and didn't make any other changes(My work information had changed since I first filled the form out). My interview went quite well and I got the approval. I had a couple other missed questions that I didn't notice until after I submitted the form so I just told the CO at the interview But your passport issue is very different than mine. Someone else will probably have a better answer for you.
  3. Yes. Civil documents and petitioner's affidavit of support stuff and taxes etc. Nothing other than that
  4. I took a big one, I was asked to flip through it from my side of the window instead of handing it over to them.
  5. My medical was in March, I didnt have to get tested for covid. End of February
  6. DQ at the end of February and Got interview email after 2 weeks
  7. I added comments in my timeline about interview. Check it there
  8. Was your interview today or last week?
  9. I didn't get any form. I was told I'll get Visa in 2 weeks and they gave me back all my original documents and kept passport
  10. I don't know about the embassy procedures but mine changed from Ready to Administrative Processing 3-4 hours after the interview.
  11. Thank you. Good luck to you as well
  12. No I did not. I only submitted the required documents but I took pictures and screenshots as proof with me. They only looked at wedding album and didnt ask for any logs or screenshots.
  13. I initially had my interview date on 2nd April, 2020 but it was cancelled due to Covid. I got the cancellation email 2 weeks before the appointment but I had already done my medical exam a few days before that. On 8th September, 2020 I received a call from the embassy telling me my medical expires soon(mid September) and if they extend it one month, will I be able to travel before the extended period expires? I said yes I can travel. I was told that my interview will be scheduled for next week and then two days later, I got an email to appear for interview on 14th September, 2020. The wait was long but the interview itself was very short. ~10 mins total. Out of which questions/answers would have been 3-5 minutes maybe, rest of it was the CO typing on computer. I was mainly asked questions about my wife, the marriage, how we met and then asked to show the wedding photo album. They didn't ask me for photocopies of anything, not even passport photocopy. At the end of the interview, CO gave me my original documents(Marriage certificate, birth certificate, nikkah nama with English translation) back and said "That's all. You'll receive your visa in 2 weeks. Good luck. Bye". They kept my passport. I didn't actually ask if my Visa was approved but since I wasn't given any form and the CO said 2 weeks, I just assume that means approval. My CEAC status currently shows Administrative Processing.
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