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  1. File for annulment of your marriage.I seems your wife posted here on visa journey, because there is one story exactly like yours, but of course calling the spouse abusive,she said same thing married for 3 years, got in the U.S left the husband because he was abusive she got the 10 year green card, and she mentioned the husband told her that he will filer annulment.I am almost sure she is your spouse,if she is your spouse she is in Brazil now and freaking out because of the annulment, then it's your chance to file for annulment . Just put in the form the last address you know where she was living..



  2. There was probably more to the story, I doubt it if anyone is gonna do anything to her green card at the airport if I simply report it, I even tried calling them and they don't answer there's just an answering machine
  3. Yes it would make me feel better because she used me and she should not be here, if they call me when she applies for citizenship i will for sure tell them that she scammed me
  4. I wish this was true but I doubt it, where did you hear about this?
  5. So I can't report her? You see that it's fraud so maybe they will too?
  6. I married a Brazilian girl 3 years ago, I waited for her to come here for 2 years, she kept stalling saying that she has family issues and she uploaded her papers to the NVC website when it was close to our 2 year marriage anniversary. she passed her interview and got her visa, arrived here one month after our 2 year anniversary, stayed here for 3 days, all of a sudden she started fighting with me and took her stuff and left. this was 8 months ago, I was trying to find her ever since but I have no idea where she is, her green card never arrived here so she probably changed her address. She only answers to my emails, no matter what I say she replies with something like "you are a terrible abusive person" She told me to file for divorce and said that if I won't then she will. What can I do? should I report her for fraud to ice? how can I do that? how can I prove that? I am afraid to report her because I don't want them to think that I was a part of her plan, I also don't want my parents to get into trouble because they wrote letters saying that our marriage was great.
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