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  1. Not the answer I wanted, but it's the answer I expected. Thank you! Hopefully these are processed by the VJ estimated dates
  2. I'm a little turned around here so any help would be greatly appreciated. We are anxiously waiting for our AP doc and now think we may be getting a combo card with EAD. Will they issue the AP before receiving the combo card or do we have to wait for the EAD to process as well?
  3. So I checked my account yesterday and we received an RFE for things that we have sent (in line with other people) but maybe not scanned in correctly. Much too my surprise, when I opened the letter I got today, we got a biometrics date of 10/6! The bio date isn't in our USCIS account. I didn't realize you could get a date if you received an RFE.
  4. Nope! Me too. I think we got our NOA on July 17th or so. (twiddling thumbs)
  5. Joining! We did the combo packet. Application sent: 7/14 Application delivered: 7/15 NOA: 7/18 (text) Check Cashed: 7/20 The timelines seem crazy right now, certainly not the 3-5 months quoted. I'm hoping that my wife's 131 will be approved before early December as I have had an international trip planned for over a year (who knew it would take THIS long!).
  6. Thank you! You too! I believe we joined early February, the filed mid to late February, judge ruled at the end of the month, nvc moved fairly quickly once the embassy informed them, then upon arrival we were contacted by the embassy within days that they were working on scheduling the appt. It took about a week to get the date. As you can imagine, ymmv
  7. Hi! It was $2,000 to join. Fwiw, after the judge approved the motion we got added to the case and our application has moved to the embassy and we received an interview date this week.
  8. +1 Thank you for the info J&YUSCN Wow. Really happy I got in Round 3, but hopefully they'll be able to win the motion for unilateral processing for anyone who didn't join the lawsuit. The government will not cease to amaze me at this point...
  9. Same here! Still haven't heard anything...but I just joined the Milligan v Pompeo Round 3 and am anxiously waiting for that filing to get things going.
  10. I'm right there with you. We're losing our patience here especially with yet another lockdown. Just called the NVC again to confirm we've done everything on our side to get our application sent to the embassy. This proclamation needs to be lifted. What the most confusing thing is, my fiancee is happy to go to sunny Mexico for 2 weeks after being approved - we just need the embassy to accept and process them!! Also confused how Milligan v pompeo can only apply to those that joined the lawsuit. Can we just get a new one going?
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