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  1. You can Your birth certificate should be the exact one listed for your country in the reciprocity list: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Norway.html My Danish birth certificate also only lists the names of my parents and that was not an issue.
  2. My passport was finally returned yesterday, a week and a half from the approval. Now my flight is booked, a new job contract signed and we’re finally ready for the next chapter of our lives. I wish you all best of luck in your respective cases
  3. The embassy finally approved us after resolving the technical issue regarding my medical results! Now we’ll have to wait up to two weeks for the passport to arrive
  4. They did neither look nor collect anything beside my original birth certificate, our original marriage certificate, my police certificate and the evidence I brought. The officer (training the new officer) mentioned that they didn't need anything else, as it already had been uploaded and verified in CEAC. I had brought the copies of everything listed, but it seems a lot of it was in vein.
  5. Yeah, I did the same. Especially since interview appointments are given with 3 week notice it seems. I interpreted that as “don’t commit to anything yet” and so far I’ve only started a few processes that can be stopped again, if needed. Selling my Copenhagen co-op is a 10-week affair in either case, so I might have to finalize the sale from the US even though I started a little early
  6. I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but I simply followed this list of documents to bring to the interview:




    the actual appointment notice might contain a more recent checklist. I found a few inconsistencies between what the embassy sent and what was stated in the link above. In particular the number of passport photos differs, and for my interview they only need 1 passport style photo. 

    hope this helps and that you’ll receive an appointment soon!

  7. Things will definitely be interesting in the US in the coming months. It’s not holding us back though, as we’ve been long distance since 2017. I’ve already started the process of selling my apartment and looking for a job, so I’m calculating with being fully relocated by the end of September, assuming the technical issue regarding the medical examination doesn’t prolong the issuing of the visa too much
  8. Not at all, I didn’t even bring a copy of my wife’s birth certificate as it wasn’t mentioned in the interview checklist nor in the appointment notice. The officer was training a new officer so she was explaining a lot of things, and as I gathered it, the interview appointment is only concerned with the beneficiary’s paperwork and not the petitioner, as their documents might be in the US for good reasons.
  9. Thank you! A 3rd person arrived after I had completed my document check. When I arrived at the embassy for the security screening, I noticed they checked my name on a list containing 3 other names and times. So it's possible they're only doing 4 each day
  10. Thank you so much! It's a big relief to have this part of the process completed. Yeah, I emailed the embassy after the interview and they told me they're working on the technical issue concerning the results of the submitted medical examination. Hopefully it will be fixed before Friday! Inside the immigrant visa section of the embassy, window 7 (as mentioned in the appointment notice) is where the document check is performed. They asked for my original birth certificate, our original marriage certificate and my police certificate, in addition to my passport. Finally, they asked when we last saw each other and to provide evidence of ongoing relationship. I had brought flight tickets, a copy of our new lease (with both of our names on it), lots of photos and call logs/messages. The officer took the lease, some pictures and the call logs/message screenshots that I had printed from my phone. All of these were returned, except for the passport, after the actual interview. Everyone was very kind and welcoming for the whole process. Best of luck to your husband on Friday!
  11. I had my interview this morning at the embassy in Stockholm. I arrived around 30 minutes before and was let in with no problem. In the immigrant visa area, only two other people were waiting for document check. The interview itself was very short, maybe 5-10 minutes. The consular office asked me some basic information about when and how we met, where we got married, what I'm doing for work and what I'm planning on doing for work in the US. I was outside again after about 1h 30m from arrival. Since the results of my medical examination has not arrived yet, they could not approve me for the CR-1 visa until they showed up. It appears there's some technical difficulties with the receiving the results, as my physician's office confirmed last week that everything had been submitted on their end. This was also mentioned by the officer who took my documents before the interview.
  12. I actually asked them about this on the phone as it confused me too. They said that since my application was entirely online and I provided my DS-260 barcode for the booking, I did not have to send anything before the examination
  13. I can’t speak for Sweden, but I had my medical in Copenhagen this week. The whole examination took about 45 minutes, including a tetanus shot, and the X-rays (separate location in Copenhagen) took 5 minutes
  14. You can easily monitor any updates to their website by looking at the sitemap 🙂 It's a lot faster than manually monitoring every relevant page! https://se.usembassy.gov/sitemap_index.xml
  15. The embassy in Sweden updated their page on immigrant visas today https://se.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/
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