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  1. Peru applicant here. Our case stuck "At NVC" status since March 2021. NVC case created date is 03/30/21. Does anyone know which NVC month are they currently interviewing at Lima embassy?
  2. Apparently Philippines embassy has the biggest backlog. Many k-1s have been "At NVC" stage since 1+ year
  3. They won't issue an extension. The "Valid To" date is not a big deal since there are delays for many many people and most NOA2 will be past the Valid to date by the time of interview. So for interview you would simply take a recent letter saying that you are still fiance of .... and intend to marry within 90 days of arriving in USA. (1 letter by petitioner and 1 letter by beneficiary). This letter is same as when you had initially filed the fiance visa
  4. WOW! April 2020 is 10 months before our Feb 2021 date. I hate to wait another 10 months just for NVC to send our case down there. And Yes! please keep me in the loop. Thanks so much!!
  5. Our NOA2 was back in February 2021. Since then until today our NVC case status has been showing "At NVC". Your information gives me hope and i can't wait for NVC to send our packet to Lima.
  6. Our case has been "At NVC" status since 5 weeks. We may be in for a long wait for Lima embassy. The embassy was closed 9 months in 2020 due to covid which has created a huge backlog. They are open now but i assume with limited capacity/processing. I read somewhere on this site that a K-1 applicant that had NOA2 back in March2020 finally got his interview done last week at Lima. I assume now they are going through the backlogs from 2020 which will take months before they start any 2021 NOA2's. I dont think you can do anything until then other than have them expedite if you have a genuine reason.
  7. Does anyone know if embassy in Lima, Peru is processing K-1 visas?
  8. You are very lucky! 11 months is probably the quickest it takes in 2021 and 2020
  9. I live in Norfolk VA and we have a huge military base here. Most of the guys i know that work in military here have filipina wifes/girlfriends. Im not sure what the deal is...
  10. Be careful. Just curious as to which country she was from?
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