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  1. Finished my interview and oath ceremony yesterday. Nothing unexpected. Following civics questions were asked - Tax filing date - Longest river - War fought in 1900 - President during World War 1 - Current Vice President - Father of the nation Now wife's interview is on Oct 30th. I asked two separate officers if she'll need my Naturalization certificate. They both said she'll not. Will update here about her experience too. Thanks everyone in this community for all your help.
  2. Thanks a lot. That is a good idea. Thanks a lot for detailed notes. This helps.
  3. My interview is on 29th Sept and my wife's interview on 30th Oct. Can you confirm if my wife will need my naturalization certification. I plan to apply for passport but she needs my naturalization certificate then will have to wait till her interview is done. Any idea about this?
  4. Congratulations!! My wife got it too. October 30th. Congratulations!!!
  5. Have you hear anything about your rescheduled date? We have not heard yet.
  6. Thanks. She is August filer. Lets see how soon it'll come.
  7. Anyone who had interview between April 20 to 22 got it rescheduled yet for Newark center? My Wife's interview was on April 22nd but haven't received the rescheduled date yet.
  8. Do you have to answer civics question on ipad or one has to speakup the answers?
  9. Filing was on August 14th 2019 and Biometrics was on Sept 5th 2019.
  10. Thanks. I know someone else on the forum also had interview date in March but still not rescheduled. I hope it happens soon. My wife's date was April 22nd so hoping that it gets rescheduled soon too.
  11. Thanks. Very strange that how can it fall through the cracks. Will keep posted on how it goes.
  12. Just got my interview appointment. It'll be on September 29th.
  13. Can you please confirm when last week you got the reschedule. I am trying to estimate when I can expect it. Thanks.
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