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  1. Hi I have applied for I-130 for my parents in July and have not heard back after NOA. After the case gets approved and is sent to NVC, what civil documents are needed at the NVC stage? Are those filed online or is a paper packet needed to be sent? Please can someone share a link where i can see a list of documents so i can have them start gathering the documents? Thanks!
  2. Good luck to everyone! So far only thing I have is Notice of receipt of the application. Hopefully will receive some kind of a response by year end. Fingers crossed.
  3. Please can you list what documents you need at the NVC stage for the indian embassy? I have recently filed I-130 form online, but wanted to see what documents we need at next stage so i can slowly prepare at my end. experts - is there a link for what documents are needed for next phase. Thanks so much all your help! You guys are awesome!!
  4. Did you submit your birth certificate and still got this RFE? When did you submit you I-130? Was it submitted online?
  5. Hi I have submitted I-130 online for my parents. I did not have their birth certificate so have not submitted that or any related affidavit at this stage. I only submitted the mandatory documents like my naturalization certificate, my birth certificate and parents marriage certificate. My question is will I get an RFE for parents birth certificate at this stage or will that be needed only at the NVC stage? I am wondering since if we need it now, then will have to ask them to try to get it. If it can wait until NVC stage, then will ask them to start looking for it after 3-4 months. Please advice Thanks so much for your help in advance!
  6. Hi did anyone get approval for I-130 without submitting parents birth certificate or affidavit? I have submitted their I-130 online but i dont have any of their birth certificate related document so wondering if that is needed now and would I get an RFE or would that be need to be submitted later when i have to submit the NVC documents. Thanks!
  7. Creating a discussion for people who filed for their parents in June/July this year
  8. Hi folks, I have applied for my parents and submitted I-130 online this week. However since they do not have birth certificate, I could not submit it at this stage. My question was, is parents birth certificate needed at the I-130 online submission stage and will I be getting an RFE for that? OR will it be required at the next stage when NVC processing starts. Thanks a ton!
  9. Hi Yanka, did you apply online and what documents did you attach? I have applied online I-130 for my parents too but i have applied last week. Thanks
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