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  1. What’s your service center ?

  2. any recent interview / bio metric appointment or reuse for June 2020 filers??
  3. I applied just n400 June 2020. So looks like they are still working on oct 2019 to dec 2019? any 2020 filers got through biometrics or interview? I guess not
  4. I want to create a separate thread to discuss and track Vermont i130 F2A approval anyone recently approved pd - dec 2019 F2A
  5. This is one such miserable journey. No updates whatsoever. Killing anxiety
  6. Applied June 2020. Paper filing no biometrics appointment or reuse notice yet? newark field office anyone in same timeline have any updates ? This wait is so frustrating
  7. Anyone got biometrics update in NJ area?? I filed in June 2020 no update since then
  8. My spouse I130 is pending approval but I would like to know what are the documents to be prepared and ready for NVC pd - dec 20,2019 india F2A
  9. Hi anyone under F2A i130 petition approved from Vermont recently??
  10. Is your wife currently outside USA and you mailed to docs to Austin for ITIN?
  11. I got GC through my ex husband employer (eb2) and it was not marriage based .. I was working for my company and have L1 and later H1. after 4 years now I got remarried and filed i130 for my spouse and step child ? My naturalization pending still? Is there a chance I get denied of my i130 ??
  12. I checked today I also have the same thing my case was transferred to Vermont around February
  13. Is anyone here knows your case is moved to Vermont. My case has moved to Vermont around feb without notice.. I see approvals from Potomac Texas?? Is any latest approval from Vermont my pd- dec 20,2019 india
  14. Congrats.. Its a great moment and agree worth the wait
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