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  1. EAD / AP card came yesterday. Less than a week between prints and card so they are speeding things up for sure. Can anyone enlighten us on the parameters for travel on AP? Can my wife visit her new nephew in Sweden without fear of not being able to return (that was the reason listed for requesting AP)?
  2. Not that it matters since can work without it, but card was mailed today! Hooray!
  3. Actually-- it just changed to "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken". Now just need card to be produced! Edit-- weirdly, the 131 and 765 had them applied, but not the 485. The 485 though had finger prints applied showing from March 18 though (our original date). Strange.
  4. Had biometrics yesterday at 8AM pst, but still no notification that fingerprints were applied. Getting a little nervous 😅
  5. We were ok without it. note: if you’re also doing AP, insist on having them take biometrics for that too. If you do not, you will have to come back again before you can get it. It’s at the officers discretion to let you do both in same session. It’s literally a different and new complete set of prints. Gotta love beaureuocracy .
  6. We’re at the ASC about to have biometrics first thing 8am. There’s a line out the door. Any questions ask and I’ll try my best. Hoping for no hiccups. edit: never mind I wasn’t allowed inside as the petitioner edit edit: they did ask for our marriage certificate which we did Not bring hope that’s ok
  7. You probably know this but you know you don't need the card to start working right?
  8. I pledged to donate $1 for every day that my wife had to be off work because of this stupid, immigrant hating president. Pledge fulfilled:
  9. Yes-- it will show up there. You'll also get something like this in the mail:
  10. Understood. A lot of us were relieved because we were approved but didn't get biometrics and until yesterday were still not allowed to work.
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