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  1. Sorry for the confusion. I mean if we do decide to marry abroad, is the paperwork filed at the embassy? Or do we do it at another local government office?
  2. Thank you for responding. Is this done through the embassy, or just through the local authorities? I’m concerned the embassy won’t be open by then. Lol
  3. Thank you for responding! That’s good to know. It says I would need some type of legal status in order to do so...would a passport stamp as a visitor be enough or would I need a visa?
  4. “According to the Family Code of Ukraine, marriage is a family union of a woman and a man registered at a state civil registration office. A religious marriage ceremony does not result in an official marriage recognizedby the state. ... Getting married in Ukraine can take from several weeks to several months.” I will be staying with my boyfriend for several months this fall. He was supposed to come visit my family in December, but given the circumstances with Covid and the embassies, we aren’t sure that’ll happen if they don’t open in time. We thought of the possibility of marrying while I’m over there (Russia), but in my last post I got some information saying that the process might be complicated there. We were thinking of going to the Ukraine to get married (because they’re also accepting American travelers now). But the paragraph above concerns me. We are both Catholic and want to get married in church. If we do that, does that mean our marriage is not recognized? Would it cause issues for the spouse visa? I’m confused lol and any clarification would be great. Thanks!
  5. I was researching about what “totality of circumstances” means, and I found a link to the USCIS website in which it gives various scenarios as examples of what is looked at to determine eligibility. One mentioned the immigrant’s student loans (deducting it from his totally asserts) as well as his credit score. I’m a bit concerned about what this would mean for me as the sponsor. Would my own student loans negatively impact my case when I go to file the affidavit of support for my future husband? Or have I misunderstand the example that was given? Do they check credit score now? I’m just a bit confused and any clarification would be great. Thanks!
  6. Would the Ukraine be doable? I know that most other countries are not allowing American tourists at this time, but the Ukraine is, if I am understanding correctly. If this is going to happy, it would be closer to the end of the year. So hopefully things will be open by then. Also, I did read they may allow you to expedite the process? So maybe that’s a possibility if we have to.
  7. Oh and also, we want to be married in a Catholic Church, as we are both Catholic. I read that a religious ceremony is not recognized by the state. If that’s the case, what do we do?
  8. Thank you for your response! My concern is that if he is denied the visitor visa for whatever reason, I am not sure how else we’d be able to marry. I’m planning on visiting him for a couple of months...would that be enough time to get everything in order if we decided to marry abroad? We are waiting to see what happens with the embassy and whether or not he’s approved.
  9. I’m sorry for the confusion. I mean the address where he will be staying is our address. The guy in the past did the same. He was just a friend but he was denied due to dishonesty. We eventually lost contact. Now my boyfriend who I’ve been with for three years, wants to come meet my family. He will be listing the same address. That’s where the worry came from. I was concerned that the visa officer would see the address, and think we are just randomly bringing strangers over here. Which is absolutely not true.
  10. Oh actually I do have one more question, I’m sorry lol. We’ve been discussing getting married the next time I go visit him. Would the address be an issue during the spouse visa process? Or is that a non issue too?
  11. I know that because he has an American girlfriend, that could be a bit more of an issue. But my previous comment was about someone else who my family had been friends with. Five years ago he was denied a B2 visa. He had used our address because my father had offered a vacant apartment to him during his stay. I posted here because I was worried that when my boyfriend applies now, they’ll see that the other guy had used our address too. But according to what everyone is saying, that doesn’t seem like it’ll be an issue.
  12. Thank you, will do! Though, I’m sure it’ll be some time due to the closure of all the embassies. We were supposed to try for a visit this summer, but covid had different plans for us lol.
  13. Thanks for the response! We believe he has pretty strong ties, though, of course we know it’s ultimately up to the visa officer. But we are hopeful they’re enough proof that he will return. My main concern was that my friend from five years ago put down our address as well. But now that I know it won’t be an issue in my boyfriend’s case, I am less worried.
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