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  1. Hi all - I had my interview today in NYC (Manhattan) My PD was 7/20/20 We waited about 40 minutes before we were called in. Our interviewer was very kind and understanding but also professional. We first sat down and showed our passport + IDs. Then we had to stand up to swear to tell the truth. He asked for very specific things such as certified marriage certificate, birth certificates, I also had a new job since then so I provided an updated i-864 which he asked for. Next, we provided evidence of relationship, first we gave all the proof of joint accounts (credit, checking 6 months evidence), beneficiaries of my life insurance and 401k, proof of dental, medical, and vision insurance. He also asked for an album of our photos together and took with him 2-3 and handed us the rest back. We weren't asked many questions, only things such as the name of both parents, where I work, do I wfh, does my company have a physical office space, where my wife lived before we moved in together, did she have roommates. Other than that, the standard questions (yes/no) from the i-485. One important thing here that we forgot to do, make sure to bring originals of both you and your spouse's birth certificates! We only had copies, mine was fine, but my wife needed to show her original copy. Luckily, he understood the reason and was able to check to make sure the copy + translation was in good standing. I know it's not always that they ask for the originals of the birth certificates, but I am told afterwards that it's not unusual that they ask during the interview. Also don't forget to give the interviewer the sealed i-693 if you haven't already! We forgot and our interviewer kindly called us to come back to drop it off. Finally, we were given a form stating that he will verify the birth certificate today and will approve the i-130 first. If everything cleared up, he would then approve the i-485. Just an hour ago, we just received a status change to "New Card is Being Produced." Hope everyone here not only gets their interview scheduled, but also have successful interviews. Let me know if there are any questions and I will do my best to help answer them!
  2. Hi - as title states, my interview is coming this week but I was wondering if I need to bring the original i-485 and i-130 that we submitted, and also do we need to update it and bring a revised i-485 and i-130 with the new job/salary information?
  3. I would do that just in case + more. I'm going to be bringing more photos with me.
  4. Hi - to add onto Celebi's post: PD: 07.14.2020 Biometrics: Jan 5 2021 Status has been changed to "Interview Was Scheduled" today 04.14.2021 New York City (Manhattan) Office I hope you all move to interview stage soon
  5. Hi all - great news today, so happy. PD: 07.14.2020 Biometrics: Jan 5 2021 Status has been changed to "Interview Was Scheduled" today 04.14.2021 New York City (Manhattan) Office
  6. Hi guys - my wife had her medical exam all wrapped up a few months ago, will it still be OK? We filed I-485 i-130 july 2020 and got our "case is ready to be scheduled for interview" jan 4 2021.
  7. Wow, congratulations. I filed around the same time as you and received the interview is ready to be scheduled on Jan 5th, but it hasn't changed to Interview was Scheduled yet
  8. That's smart... we actually had the medical exam completed about 2 months ago, I hope we get an interview before we have to re-do it. I heard some people got their interviews waived but for us, that seems pretty unlikely since they didn't receive our i-693 medical forms yet. Yes - we applied for EAD and AP as well!
  9. Hey! I'm curious why you think that your interview will be scheduled so long ago when the status is now "case is ready to be scheduled for interview?" I know COVID led to a lot of delays.. but was curious why you think it's that long. It sucks to know I'm also a July flier but in the NYC field office. Also, did you submit i-693 along with your application? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys - just wanted to update that my wife's i-485 case has changed to "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" on Jan 4, 2021. My timeline is very similar to Celebi and I also live in NY.
  11. Hi - My wife and I are applying I-485, I-130, I-131, I-765 but we haven't heard any updates since July 27, 2020. We submitted the package sometime in May 2020. July 27, 2020 - I-485 : Fingerprint fee was received I-130 : Case was received I-765 : Case was received I-131: Case was received I called twice every 3-4 months and they said there were no updates at all yet. I didn't get the appointment to get biometrics done. Does anyone know how much longer we will have to wait? I'm hoping for at least an update. I wonder if they are also doing interviews or planning to pass the people that they do not really need to interview? Thank you for your help.
  12. Hi all, A quick question about the proof of assets for all the checking and savings account that I listed, how many months of the statements do I have to provide? Also, in Part 4. Education and Skills ... I do not have any evidence of this but I studied at two US universities for my bachelor and master's degree, should I provide the coursework that has relevancy to english/writing proficiency? What other proof can I provide here? Thank you,
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