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  1. This morning I had my oath ceremony in Baltimore MD. Here's my experience. Per the notice, it was at 8:30 AM, and while it says that they let you in 30 minutes prior, we were only allowed to go thru security at 8:15 AM. Post security we were directed to a room and 2 officers were sitting at a desk. They asked us to hand over the notice, and the old greencards and all. Then they confirmed that all the details on the notice questionnaire were accurate and that there were no changes to it. Then they showed us the certificate and we were asked to confirm that there's no errors. Following that, we were asked to take a seat, given a flag and an information package (passport form etc.) Once everyone was checked in, the officer gave a short speech about the importance of the day. Then he asked us to stand up, raise the right hand and recite the oath of allegiance. And that was it ! After we were done, the other officer distributed the naturalization certificates and stressed on the importance of confirming the details on the certificate and signing it with Black ink only, otherwise it will be $555 and 1 year ! We were asked to leave the building and make sure that the details were correct and then sign the certificate when we are home.... An end to a journey ! Now onto new ventures !
  2. Yes, it took a couple of days but the notice was uploaded online.
  3. Got my online copy of the oath notice. It's in 2 weeks, on March 31st !!! Almost there !
  4. Just got notified that the oath ceremony has been scheduled. However, I can't see the letter yet since the myUSCIS account seems to be having some issues and does not show the documents tab.
  5. Today I had my N400 interview. As expected I was quite nervous but it went well. Here's some pointers. My interview was at 2:45 PM, and when I got to the office there was an oath ceremony scheduled to start at 3:30 IIRC. So there were a lot of people. Unlike the ASC, they make you go thru airport style security, so be prepared for that. After the checkin, I went up to the waiting room and got a ticket number and was told to take a seat. I waited about 15 minutes or so, before one of the officers called my name and escorted me to his room. After making introductions, we sat down. He took a picture, and the fingerprints for both index fingers. I was asked to present my Greencard, passport and drivers license. Then I was placed under oath. The civics questions were asked first Which group of people were brought over and sold as slaves? Before he was president, Eisenhower was a general. Which war was he a general in ? Who vetoes the bills? Name one right for US Citizens only? Can't remember the other 2. I passed the civics test. The reading question was "Who was George Washington"? and I was told to write on the touchscreen "Washington was the first president" Thankfully, they don't grade you on handwriting as it was tricky. The rest of the interview was mostly yes/no questions and verification of the form. After all was done, the officer asked me to confirm my details on the screen and said that he's recommending my application for approval and I should get a notice for an oath ceremony soon. I was escorted out of the room and that was it. I took tax documents, my old travel itinerary, passports etc, copies of my speeding ticket paid off etc. but with the exception of my selective service registration proof, I wasn't asked to present anything. By the time I got to my car, the case status had already been updated saying that "you are in line for oath scheduling" or something So now on to waiting for the oath ! For what it's worth, my completion time is still January 2022, and wait time is 6 months. Those
  6. So I was told that it would be 7 business days for a Tier 2 callback...I waited till 8 and then asked tier 1 if I was cancelled or something. They said no, I'm on the list for sure. Eventually a day or 2 later is when I got the call.
  7. Correct - I filed end of June and was told to wait 90 days after the ASC reopened to expect an appointment. I waited till that time elapsed (sometime at the end of October since the local ASC opened 7/20 IIRC). I got the usual generic responses of the application being in the queue for biometrics etc - this happened a couple of times. Eventually, I asked the Tier 1 rep to schedule a Tier 2 call for me which was the 15th of December - which she did. I got the call back on the 31st, and the Tier 2 agent was very sympathetic and scheduled me for a biometrics appointment. I've heard folks say that it's not always possible that TIER 2 schedules the appointment, but it was possible for me. It was almost 6 months since filing so I guess she was being nice ! lol
  8. Nope. I just reached out 90 days after the ASC reopened as that's what I was told - took me a few tries but I finally got thru a TIER 2.
  9. I used the Ask Emma chat and got a hold of Tier 1. They were kind enough to put a Tier 2 callback for me - which didn't happen till almost 9-10 business days. The Tier 2 agent was the one who scheduled my biometrics. I've been told that not all Tier 2 Agents did that, so YMMV. Which field office are you in if you don't mind me asking? Also, did you confirm that your biometrics are not being reused?
  10. Hahaha - I said that because I got notified on Friday the 12th late in the evening, but it was a long weekend so I had to wait till Tuesday morning to actually see it !! Good luck !
  11. Give it a couple of days, and the notice should be updated in the documents tab of your myUscis account. I didn't get a notification when the actual document was uploaded, so you might want to check every so often
  12. I usually go thru emma and ask for live rep. Eventually one of them helped me out and scheduled a tier 2 callback for biometrics. I got the call in about 9-10 days instead of 7 and the tier 2 agent got my biometrics set up.
  13. The interview letter is uploaded on my online account. Date of Interview is March 15th, 2021 at 2:45 PM. Completion time is back to January 2022 and wait time is 11 months
  14. It's not available yet. I take it should be available soon given that it happened on Friday and it was a long weekend. As soon as I get that, I'll update my timeline :)
  15. Just got word that my interview has been scheduled - waiting for the date though 06/23/2020 - N-400 Application submitted via mail 06/30/2020 - Receipt notice posted in my online account 02/02/2021 - Biometrics appointment (had to call and get it scheduled) 2/12/2021 - Interview Scheduled Field office is Baltimore. Case completion time is October 2021, and wait time is 6 months
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