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  1. where did you get this. I couldn't find that on the interview invitation letter
  2. Since I didn't submitted any 2' by 2 passport photo during the application and I got Biometric reuse will I need to bring photos during my interview. Anyone has info about this. Please let me know. Thanks
  3. I received Interview Schedule notification yesterday. my filing Date was August 22 2020. Interview Scheduled September 23. Biometric reuse was on Feb 12.
  4. Congratulations I filed August of 2020 and got my Biometric reuse same day as yours on Feb 12. Hoping to get the interview apt soon.
  5. any from August who received interview notice please update. I received letter for Boo reuse Feb 12.
  6. I applied on August and got Biometric reuse dated on Feb 12. now it is just a waiting game. estimated completion is on September 2021.
  7. filled on August 17 and it stays for 48 hours for a while and now it turned to 72 hours and it is sitting like that as of today. I sent a message through the online account like two weeks ago and am still waiting a response.
  8. Anyone from Minneapolis Minnesota who filled their application on August.
  9. mine stayed like that since August 17 it first started with 48 hours and now i can see it is 72 hours that is the only change so far. 😄
  10. mine was like this for the last 3-4 weeks I can't see anything about my case. weird!!
  11. is it still like this, I am having the same issue and it has been more than 5 days now.
  12. Hello Team, My online account have been like this for the last five days, anyone with an idea on how long it takes to appear my estimated wait time and the documents I submitted. Thanks.
  13. Hello team my attorney submitted paper application 2 weeks ago and i did not receive the NOA, how long does it take to get the notice after filing. anyone who submitted paper application and received their notice, please let me know. thanks
  14. Hello Team I have a question my friend submitted N400 paper filled and he is wondering if he can see the estimated wait time online just like someone who submitted online application.
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