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  1. Anyone from Minneapolis Minnesota who filled their application on August.
  2. mine stayed like that since August 17 it first started with 48 hours and now i can see it is 72 hours that is the only change so far. 😄
  3. mine was like this for the last 3-4 weeks I can't see anything about my case. weird!!
  4. is it still like this, I am having the same issue and it has been more than 5 days now.
  5. Hello Team, My online account have been like this for the last five days, anyone with an idea on how long it takes to appear my estimated wait time and the documents I submitted. Thanks.
  6. Hello team my attorney submitted paper application 2 weeks ago and i did not receive the NOA, how long does it take to get the notice after filing. anyone who submitted paper application and received their notice, please let me know. thanks
  7. Hello Team I have a question my friend submitted N400 paper filled and he is wondering if he can see the estimated wait time online just like someone who submitted online application.
  8. wow congratulations , did you submitted online or paper ?
  9. Hello Team, I am sending my N-400 paper application do I need to Include 2'×2' passport photo with the application, someone advised me to send them and told me they are required.
  10. Congratulations, you did it the right time especially when they are increasing the filling fee. From Oct 2 the fee will double 🤔
  11. Yah that is my biggest fear i have seen several times when i login back I don't really see the documents that i uploaded previously and i have to re-upload again and again, there is a time i was about to submit and i went back to double check the documents and surprisingly they were not there😶
  12. I have been attaching document on my n-400 and i am having an issue with documents not saving. Anyone with the same experience and how can i work on that.. i am almost giving up on online application, fearing that i may send my application without an attachments 😀
  13. Yah it is time to apply now and hopefully the process time won't be any longer, then we can atleast have a break on immigration. This is the final step we are taking.
  14. That is a big step, once it says card mailed it will quickly change to card was picked up. I hope by this weekend you will have your card handy. I saw a friend who was waiting since June 30th. You lucky.
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