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  1. Friends, I've been wondering, has anyone hired a lawyer only for the purpose of accompanying them to the AOS interview (not necessarily representing them or helping with filing the paperwork)?
  2. You're brave and strong. If all docs are in place, go for it. We're all here to support you! Someone said a few days ago, doors are closed when we stop believing, so don't stop believing and have faith. I'm yet to file, and I get my inspiration from this place.
  3. I don't know anyone, but someone recommended in this forum to let the doctors know if you can't afford an attorney and they might be willing to accept you as a new client. Other resources that can help are non profit organizations. The hotline.org can direct you to resources in your areas.
  4. good suggestion. my counselor told me to be prepared for anything at this stage.
  5. Which one is the service center? NBC or Vermont? I haven't filed yet. Gotta finish my declaration and get through to the psychologist.
  6. That's good to know. I'll change my address to the PO box I got. Thank you!
  7. Friends, did anyone use a PO box only? What happens if your folder is returned and your PO box only accepts letters, not big packages? Anyone has experience in this? I read that USPS doesn't accept returned packages if the PO size is small another question; how do I know where I-485 is sitting? the status is ready to be scheduled for an interview
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm saving so I have enough to survive and I'm not in danger to file for a restraining order. Perhaps, if things get bad when I leave, then I'll get one.
  9. Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm actually scared of leaving. One of my primary concern is losing my source of income, and I'm still not done writing my declaration. Still trying to get through to a psychologist too. I've reached a stage where I lost my confidence in my decisions. When did you file for divorce (before leaving or after leaving)?
  10. Friends, anyone willing to share their experience with me when they decided to leave their abusive spouse and any potential pitfalls that I should be aware of ? Would really appreciate it
  11. I think when they first sent you your EAD, there was a half page that you rip off and include with your renewal application. It says something around the lines of "use this tear-off portion of the page to speed up your extension or replacement card" did you include that as part of your renewal application?
  12. I did read the instructions again and they clearly say that c9 with AOS pending don't need to pay renewal fees
  13. Thanks for sharing I hope that you don't have to pay fees for renewing your EAD.
  14. I sent mine this week under C9. when did you send yours and how long did it take until you got the letter from them?
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