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  1. January 18,2021 my DQ date Patiently waiting for the welcome letter interview.
  2. Hi everyone so happy to be here just a quick question troubling me,I have been DQ since Jan haven't got any appointment date..can I mail the Nigeria embassy in Lagos(LagosIV@state.gov)hopeful to get an interview date as soon as it can hopeful positive result might comes out anyone ever tired it out???🤔

  3. Didn't you submit the tax transcript at the nvc stage?
  4. Compliment of the season ovely VJ Family

    My police certificate which I uploaded on my nvc account was rejected but other doc accepted. I need an Intel or format of uploading the full description..thanks.


  5. Having trouble with ceac online payment portal,I just an email Rejecting the iv fee indicate invalid account number... Which however The affidavit fee indicate "paid"

    Last week,But still the no money is debited from  the bank account.. Anyone got any insight to share..


  6. Hello Everyone I'm at nvc stage about to make payment and upload all the documents required.. My wife a usc she's having issue creating account with the IRS... anyone got an ideal where she can download her transcript or just wait to receive it through mail...my 2nd question is would there be any issue if after payment and take some while before uploading the necessary document.. hope to Read Feedbacks.. thanks..
  7. Sure I just read all through it more simplicity well understand and if there is anything I'm gonna need imma let you ya all know my VJ family... Thumbs up!!!
  8. Hello everyone I just got a notice of action from NVC pls what's the necessary steps to be through with it...
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