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  1. Reading through Listen97's link, it seems like there is no definite answer to my question because the Congress never defines what "employment" is. So this question is really open for interpretation. During AOS we apply for EAD because US employers need to check EAD. With a foreign online business, EAD is not needed because who is going to check EAD?
  2. This exact question is the reason why we want to get a clear answer for the rule of engagement. With digital work environment and ubiquitous nature of the Internet, what is the US immigration law regarding to this word "work"? Thank you for your input and I will ask the same question in the immigration forum to see other's experience and input.
  3. Yes, it is a tricky question. This question definitely has two aspects - one immigration and one taxation. I wonder if any member has similar working situation if their primary job is an online business from another country with non-US clients while waiting for green card.
  4. Thank you for your feedback. I am going to visit my fiancee home country soon so we can be together and take some pictures for her interview.
  5. Hi members, While waiting for our K1 NOA2, is there anything else we can be doing to prepare the next phase of the K1 process like preparing for her interview with the embassy and start collecting documents and evidence for her interview? I know it is still months away but we just want to get ready ahead of time. Thanks.
  6. Hello Members, My fiancee has online business in her home country. We understand that once her K1 visa is approved, she is not allowed to work while in the US until she receives her green card or some sort of work permit. My question is, while waiting for her green card or work permit, is she allowed to remotely working on her online business from her home country? Thanks.
  7. Hello members, My Mexican fiancée in Mexico has 2 dogs and 2 cats. She treats them like her kids. The question is how she can bring her animals to the US with her? Anyone has this kind of experience from Mexico ? Thank you ! Kevin
  8. Thanks TBone. I am in DC and she is in Mexico City so we will be flying and no land crossing for us.
  9. Just submitted my K1 paperworks, YAY!

  10. Thank you so much Paul and Mary for the reply!
  11. Hello members, I just submitted the K1 visa application on 8/3/2020 this Monday. I haven't seen my fiancee in Mexico for several months now because of the pandemic. My question is: 1. Can I (US citizen) travel to Mexico now to visit her? Do I need to apply a Mexican tourist visa? Does Mexico enforce any 2 week mandatory quarantine? What's your recent travel experience to Mexico? 2. Is it a good idea for my Mexican fiancee to travel to the US to visit me using her B2 tourist visa while waiting for her K1 visa application? Any Mexican member here traveling to the US recently? Thank you. Kevin
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