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  1. I met my fiancee while I was on vacation in Colombia in June 2005. She was away from her hometown working. We saw each other a few times that week. As my flight was departing I had this sense that I should not be leaving. Many emails and chats ensued. By November 2005 she was back to her hometown and I went to visit and meet the family. Twenty three family and friends were waiting to size me up when I got to her home! We have visited back and forth many times since then.
  2. Many thanks! I have a new MRI and neurosurgeon appointment in the coming week. Will see what doc has to say and fire off an expedite request pronto! I think it would be all the more powerful if I am facing surgery that will be delayed until I have support in the home for my recovery. Sounds like even if doc decides not to operate I can try to expedite based on aging out. I wasn't sure if that would be a possible criteria.
  3. I just read more elsewhere on this site and might have an option.... The father of fiancee's daughter is deceased. I have been her papa for many years but never formally adopted her. If I formally adopt her and file an I-130 for her would the Child Status Protection Act provisions preserve the possibility of getting a visa in a reasonable timeframe?
  4. I am the US citizen sponsor. My Colombian fiancee has a 20 year old daughter whose 21st b-day is Feb 20, 2021. Petition has been at the CSC since May 6, 2020. It now seems likely that the daughter's K2 visa will age out, unless there is some extension on this deadline I have not heard about!? Somehow I doubt that the general prospect of losing the daughter's visa due to COVID delays is grounds for expediting? Or that I am the sole financial support so the economic burden of continuing to support two households would be relieved by getting them here? I do have medical issues and might need surgery soon. If so might be able to expedite fiancee's visa to aid in my recuperation. Does anyone have other thoughts? Getting daughter to the States on another visa type that could be dual intent?
  5. I am in a similar position. Daughter of my Colombian fiancée will likely age out when she turns 21 in February. Our I129F is still at the CSC and things are not looking good. My Congressman did make an inquiry but got a boilerplate response. Would be nice if Congress actually took action but that seems unlikely. For me there is a faint possibility as I have some medical issues. If the doctor agrees surgery is needed then maybe we could expedite.
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